Different Types of Wood Coatings for Your Heritage Interior Doors

by Mike M. Door Manufacturer and Supplier

The Coating Industry is very complicated, clear coatings and paints are a witch’s potion of sundry chemicals and ingredients. They are mixed together in various amounts to produce different properties. The terminology for the industry is getting so technical every day that it can make your head swim. The only advice, industry leaders give to their consumers is to stay away from chemistry aspects of the coatings and focus entirely on the instructions and labelling about each product.

The Green Campaign and issues like Indoor air quality have been influencing the wood coating market for the past 5-10 years. This also includes the reduction and exclusion of formaldehyde. The Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan certifications all have stringent constraints on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), free formaldehyde, and other unsafe ingredients. 

Eco-friendly Wood Coatings for Heritage Interior Doors

Natural oils and waxes are the most ecologically aware products to be introduced in your home. Beeswax, linseed oil, carnauba wax and safflower oil are well known eco-friendly wood coatings. Water-based stains and varnishes also have decent green credentials. Check over the manufacturer's label, look for any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content. 

Wooden Door Coatings

Natural coatings for doors, particularly those that sop up into the grain are hard to get rid of, so it is best to spend time and rethink about the requirements and then select the product. Just like the synthetic ones, the protection offered by natural coatings also varies. Let’s take an example – Dye -may offer no protection until it is mixed with some other product. Other aspects of choosing products include – whether you want an invisible coat or would prefer gloss or some colour on your doors. How much time you can devote to your coating work - there may be one-coat options available. Look out for eco-friendly options – water-based varnishes and stains that include 100% natural ingredients.

For the application of eco-friendly products, follow the guide below.

a) Varnish -Weather-proof, transparent or coloured, preservative or decorative finish that not only draw attention to but protects the wooden surface of your door. High gloss and matte versions are available. You can opt for either oil-based or water-based type. Can be used to protect unsealed coatings, such as a dye or on bare wood. Apply with a brush for the best finish, may need several coats.

b) Stain – The product soaks into the wood and provides a decorative finish to it. It darkens or colours the wood while providing some sort of preservative finish. Matte to gloss, oil-based and water-based types are available. For extra durability, it is recommended to use it with varnish. For true colour, apply the mixture to a bare wood. Apply with a brush for the best finish, may need several coats.

c) Dye – The product is used to artfully add to the natural colour of the wood or even out tones on different patches of wood. Dyes can be mixed with other products to match the required colour. Just like varnish and stains, both oil-based and water-based variants are available. Apply as a finish or beneath varnish or wax. Gives a matte finish. Apply with a brush for the best finish, may need several coats.

d) Wax – Translucent or transparent decorative finish. Protects and feeds the wood, but will not pass through a sealed surface. Both oil-based and water-based variants are available. Apply either on bare wood or on unsealed surfaces like – one covered with dye. Apply with a clean piece of cloth, however, brush-on waxes are also available.

e) Wood Preserver – As the name goes, the product deals in protecting against putrefy and insect damage. Variants available are – clear or coloured, matte or semi-gloss, water-based and oil-based. Used alone, or as a base coat for another natural wood finish or paint.

The above information brings us to the use of Natural wood coatings for our Heritage Interior Doors that enhance rather than cover the grain of the wood. For more information, visit

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