Different Types of Wheel Alignment You Should Know about

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According to a recent survey, faulty tyres caused more than 1000 casualties in the United Kingdom. The study also revealed that more than 25% of car tyres were illegal and over 20 million car tyres had nearly 2mm or below tread depth. Isn’t it shocking?

Moreover, it is unfortunate but not surprising, that most of the car owners often ignore one crucial part of the car maintenance that is wheel alignment. MOT statistics indicate that an astounding over 2,000,000 vehicle fails this test every year due to defective tyres. Among various reasons for MOT failures, one common cause was improper wheel alignment.

Why is wheel alignment essential for your car’s safety?

To begin with, the ultimate goal of the alignment procedure is to ensure optimal road traction. This process adjusts the angles of your car tyres in Nottingham and also makes sure that the steering and suspension system is in good condition. If your car is operating on British roads without proper alignment, it potentially risks the lives of those in the vehicle and others on the street.

Reasons you should go for a wheel alignment service –

Wheel alignment settings of your vehicle are mechanically pre-set from manufacturers. Due to rush driving on bumpy roads or hitting a pot-hole, your wheel alignment in Nottingham can take a back seat. Thus, you need to check your vehicle’s wheel alignment by taking your car to a dependable garage like TST Tyres. Some reasons for getting wheel alignment service are listed below.

  • To stop your car from drifting sideways, and to cure crooked steering wheel.

  • To prevent premature and uneven wears on your tyres Nottingham.

  • Lastly, to enjoy a smooth ride on the road, that comes at the cost of aligning all the wheels correctly.

Now, as you have understood various reasons behind wheel alignment in Nottingham, let’s check out distinct procedures of latest wheel alignment which will provide you with optimal drivability with smoother rides.

Let’s have a look at different types of alignment jobs done at any auto-garage.

The modern automobile has changed immensely since its inception, and features of the cars have undergone several upgrades. Thus, the wheel alignment procedure has also upgraded with time. Now, most of the garages use two types of aligning techniques which are discussed below.

  1. Thrust alignment –

The term “thrust” refers to the direction in which the rear wheels of your vehicle are exerting the force. If a technician finds out that the thrust line is to the right of the centre line, then it is a positive angle. In short, the front wheels of your car should match with the direction in which the rear wheels are pushing. A mismatch will create stress on the suspension system and your car wheels.

  1. Two-wheel and four-wheel alignment -

The two wheel alignment Nottingham was the most common alignment done for all cars. In two-wheel alignment, the rear wheels should be aligned with the car’s centre line. And in four-wheel alignment, all four wheels on both axles should be parallel to each other.

Apart from these two procedures, the technicians also go for camber, caster and toe alignment fitting, which ensures your vehicle’s safety in the long run. So stay clear of any alignment issues with regular maintenance and car servicing of your car in Nottingham.

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