Different types of heels that one can wear in Summers to look Chic

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Women do not just require the right clothing but also the right shoes for any given event. Women know that every occasion demands that a different outfit and along with it different kind of footwear be worn. If you are looking to buy block heels for women online in India, you have come to the right place.

Always remember that buying is only part of the fashion process. You will have to also have to have the ability to carry your heels off and always remember to stay within what makes you comfortable. Therefore, buy block heels for women online in India which will not just give you a good look but also a comfortable one. There is a variety of footwear out there that women can choose from be it heels or flats. Women also have a variety of heels that they can choose from and if you want to buy block heels for women online in India, your search ends here.

The different kind of heels depends on the width of the heels as well as how high the heels are. Once you decide on the kind of heel that you can walk in without hurting your foot, everything is a cake walk from there. Therefore, we are providing you with different kinds of heels that you can choose from.

Different types of Heels

Block Heels: A development of the 70’s, block heels have never gone out of fashion. They are super trendy. The heel is chunkier than any other type of heeled footwear and thus makes it very comfortable to walk in and can be also worn for longer periods of time.

Kitten Heels: Anyone can pull off kitten heels. They are short heels and give the person wearing a cute and sophisticated look. They are also quite easy to walk in.

Stacked Heels: Stacked heels are your answer if you are looking for high heels as well as a level of comfort. The heel covers the entire foot and thus, there is no strain on any given part of your foot. The stain is divided equally.

Stiletto Heel: Stilettos are tapering and thin heels and can be found in various heel lengths. It is upon you to decide which height makes you comfortable. However, they strain the foot a little bit and can hurt if you are not used to it.

Cone Heel Shoes: Cone heels are also a great pair of heels that are very comfortable. The heel area is completely covered and it tapers done in shape of a cone.

Wedge Heel: Wedges or wedge heel are owned by every women. They are quite comfortable and do not put any kind of strain on the foot. Wedges as well are available in different heights.

Platform Heels: Platform heels provide enough base on the front for the foot to rest easily and not get hurt. However, the heel is thin and can strain shin area.

Since you have seen the different heels that a women can make part of her wardrobe, you know that one of the most comfortable heels to wear are block heels and if you want to buy block heels for women online in India, you can do so with us and we also sell the heels in reasonable prices. 

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