Different Types of Health Benefits of Morocco Olive Oil

by Abelson Williams Sales Executive

Though there have been many debates regarding dietary fats consisting of animal fats or seeds oil, there is a consensus that the fatty acids and antioxidants present in olive oil have healthier benefits, including less risk of heart diseases.

Olive oil is part of many dietary staples, especially the cultures and countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The olive farming dates back to the Roman Empire; they used to calm their civil society by keeping a rich supply of olive and olive oil. Some of the best olive oil is prepared in the Mediterranean countries.

The oil extracted from the olive fruit is known as olive oil. The production is also straightforward; by pressing the olive, the oil can be extracted; this was the old days' method. By the introduction of modern techniques, the olives are crushed and mixed, and then in a centrifuge, the oil is separated from the pulp. A small amount remains in the pomace after centrifuging, which is extracted with the use of chemicals; this type of oil is known as pomace olive oil. It is cheaper compared to other varieties of olive oil and has a bad reputation too.

Purchasing righty type of olive oil is vital; it has three main grades extra virgin, virgin, and refined, of which extra virgin is the least processed or refined. As extra virgin oil is extracted by a purely mechanical process at room temperature, there is no chemical involvement. All the minerals available in the fruit are retained by the oil extracted through this process. The process is also known as a cold-pressed process.

Due to this natural method of extraction, it also has a distinctive smell and taste. Extra virgin olive oil has high phenolic antioxidants, which is the reason that they are so beneficial. Antioxidants are highly beneficial in fighting some of the diseases. The main antioxidants are anti-inflammatory oleocanthal and oleuropein, which protects cholesterol from oxidation. The ability of the extra virgin olive oil to fight inflammation is considered the reason for it having so many health benefits. 

While cooking using high quality extra virgin oil is a perfect condiment to drizzle over the meat, fish, steamed vegetable or salad dressing, or as a bread dipper. Since the oil is not heated, one can get the full benefits of the aroma and flavor of the oil along with its health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil should be considered as wine, pair it with food with the right match. Use your chef imagination to create new types of recipes involving olive oil and garner the health benefits with it.

There are many countries involved in the production of olive oil, but the major players are Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, etc. Even China has entered into farming and producing olive oil. The olive oils are distinguished by mentioning the country name on the bottle like Morocco Olive oil or Greece Olive oil. Since the Mediterranean countries have closely associated history with olive oil and are part of their daily cuisine, they produce some of the best olive oil available in the food market. 


The author depicts Morocco Olive Oil as the perfect cooking oil, particularly if you really want to flavor your delicious recipes. This oil is used as a fried medium, a marinating product, a coating, etc. For more info, contact our service providers.

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