Different Types of Back Injuries That Employees Face in The Workplace

by Stephen G. Workers Compensation Attorney Van Nuys, CA
Around the world, back injuries are one of the most common areas of concern in workplaces. Minor pain in the back can dramatically affect the quality of life, morale, and workplace productivity of a person. Some back pains are debilitating and prevent an employee from returning to work or sometimes even being able to work at all.

Whether you are employed in a warehouse for lifting heavy packages or are an office worker who sits behind a desk, there is no profession in any workplace that may be immune from the back injury risk. When any worker suffers from a workplace back injury they can hire a workplace injury lawyer to know his or her rights as an injured worker.
Back injuries at the workplace can happen suddenly or can slowly develop over time. Such type workplace injuries can make it difficult for an employee to work and move freely throughout the day. They can result from repetitive stress and traumatic accidents. There are different types of back injuries that employees face in the workplace. These injuries are classified as:

Herniated Discs:-
It is a type of spinal cord injury that occurs due to a problem with the discs (rubbery cushions) between the vertebrae. A herniated disc injury occurs when the softer jelly pushes through a tear in the disc exterior. A herniated disc is also known as a ruptured or slipped disc. Due to the pain of such workplace injury, the nearby nerves of the disc become irritated and start creating painful symptoms. Such injury also results when a vertebrae disc got displaced or move, and the bones press on the nerve roots or nerves.

Sprains and strains:-
Sprains and strains are workplace injuries that are commonly known as lower back injuries. Spraining or straining in the back is generally results suddenly (acutely) or slowly over time. They can occur due to a muscle pull, twist, or tendon in the back. Such injuries usually happen because of a sudden twist or fall, or any trauma that forces the joint out of its usual position. Symptoms of sprains and strains include point tenderness, swelling, and area soreness. Such lower back injuries can interfere with movement as well as can limit the ability of the person to perform daily activities.

Thoracic spine injuries:-
These are another type of back injury that is not just severe but also sometimes result in permanent nerve damage. Thoracic spine injuries generally result due to high-energy impacts from the back or front or any crushing type injuries. The symptoms of such injuries include muscle spasms, stiffness, numbness, sudden change in posture, tingling, reduced range of motion, pain in the shoulder, ribs, fingers, arm, legs, or neck.

Fractured vertebra:-
It is a type of back injury that is also known as a compression fracture. A fractured vertebra is a workplace back injury that refers to a gap or crack in the vertebra. Such injuries generally result due to the weakening and aging of sping. However, they can also be caused due to spine trauma or a fall. Common symptoms of fractured vertebra include chronic or acute back pain, hunched posture, and weight loss. It is possible to treat such injuries with proper rest, medication, minimally-invasive surgical procedures,  physical therapy, etc.
Many employees hire a workplace injury lawyer to treat such workplace injuries and file for their compensation. Those suffering from a workplace back injury and who need medical attention or are not able to do their job perfectly due to the injury can take the help of an injury lawyer to navigate them through the workers’ compensation claims process.

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