Different Types of Advanced Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

by Keerthana Kalva Best Skin Specialist in Hyderabad

Unwanted body hair causes embarrassment and is a prevalent problem which is faced by many men and women. A person who desires a smooth, shiny hair-free skin can opt for the best laser hair Reduction treatment in Hyderabad, which is an advanced method for unwanted hair reduction. This is a safe and effective hair removal treatment that has reduced the chances of irritation and inflammation and problem of ingrown hair that occur due to shaving, waxing, and other traditional hair removal methods. Laser hair reduction procedure is a safe, reliable, and effective alternative for individuals who are looking for a reliable solution to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Dr. Keerthana Kalva is one of Hyderabad's best skin specialists who provides the best laser hair reduction treatment using advanced laser treatment. Laser hair reduction works effectively to significantly reduce unwanted body hair from areas like shoulders, legs, face, neck, chest, bikini area, back, thighs, and underarms. Before undergoing this procedure, it is highly beneficial to consult an expert dermatologist to achieve safe and best results. In this laser treatment, the target area is shaved before the treatment, as this leaves the hair follicle intact on the surface. The area is then numbed, and a laser is placed against the skin, and a high beam of concentrated light is passed into the hair follicle. The pigment absorbs the light in the hair, which helps destroy or inhibit the growth of hair. This laser treatment offers long-lasting results as it targets the anagen phase of the hair follicles.

Different types of laser hair reduction technology available in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics include:

Alexandrite laser: Alexandrite laser involves a process of targeting and heating pigment of hair follicle through a laser beam of 755nm. This is a fast laser procedure and is effective in treating larger body surface such as chest and back. This method is considered best for treating thinner hair. Alexandrite laser is used for people with light skin and dark hair. This laser is not appropriate for people with darker or tanned skin color because this laser targets dark pigments. Before the procedure, the target area is cleaned, and then a numbing cream is applied. After this, a beam of light is emitted through the laser device that penetrates in the skin and targets the hair follicle and gets absorbed. The laser energy destroys follicles without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

Diode laser: Diode laser treats wider skin areas in less time, and this method uses a light beam of narrow spectrum that targets the specific pigment present in the follicles. The diode laser uses a wavelength of 810nm that penetrates deep inside the skin and is absorbed through the skin's melanin, which further destroys the follicles without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. This laser uses a selective photothermolysis mechanism in which the laser mainly focuses on hair-follicles. This is effectively used for all skin and hair types and is appropriate for people with light to tan skin. This method has inbuilt cooling technology to improve the efficacy, making this method safe and comfortable.

Quadruple laser: This is one of the most advanced laser hair reduction techniques that features groundbreaking technology. This is portable and powered with a feather-like handpiece, which results in no burn. This is a safe and painless treatment. The other advantage of this laser is MILESMAN COMPACT BLEND that comprises 4 wavelengths. This laser takes care of all depths of hair, giving completely smooth skin and no ingrown hair.

Laser treatments must be performed by an experienced and well-trained professionals. Dr. Keerthana Kalva and her team of expert laser specialists provide advanced laser technology for unwanted hair reduction at Inform Clinics, Hyderabad. Laser hair reduction is a safe procedure that does not involve any invasive action. This is a quick procedure that helps people in achieving hair-free skin. Inform Clinics is one of the best skin clinic in Hyderabad, where various advanced and effective reliable treatments are performed. For more information, visit today at Inform Clinics.


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