Different Compressor Spare Parts Offered By Sabroe

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO
A compressor is a complex machine that requires a number of parts for its proper functioning. Be it the moving piston, the motion transferring connecting rod, the high tensile shaft seal or the inside protector cylinder liner, every part in the compressor has a specific function to perform. If the parts are not made from the highest quality material, they may wear off easily due to the high pressure and heat produced inside. This is why buying compressor parts from trusted brands is important. One of the first names that come into the mind of anyone looking for compressor parts is Sabroe. Here are some of the Sabroe compressor parts briefly explained just for your convenience.

·    Sabroe Pistons
Pistons are one of the most important spare parts used in a compressor. They are present inside the cylinders and are made tight using the piston rings. They are in contact with the cylinder liners and move up and down within the cylinder because of the force from the expansion of the gases in the cylinder. Sabroe Pistons are made with the best quality material to make sure that the pistons move property within the cylinder.

·    Sabroe Shaft Seal
The Sabroe shaft seals have high tensile strength to ensure that they are able to handle the pressure applied in the compressor. They seal the rotary element, like the shaft of the compressor. They are dimensionally accurate to seal the shaft completely from any type of problems.

·    Sabroe Connecting Rods
Connecting rods are used to connect the piston to the crank in the engine. They function as a lever arm and help in transferring and transforming the reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotatory motion. The Sabroe connecting rods are made from S.G. iron which makes them last longer without any wear or tear.

·    Sabroe Cylinder Liners
Cylinder liners form the inner lining of the cylinders and ensure that there is no wear or tear in the cylinder due to the high pressure and heat produced due to the movement of the pistons. They also ensure that the motion does not create any type of friction in the cylinder. Sabroe spare parts are made using high-quality material to function properly for a long time.

·    Sabroe Gaskets
A gasket is a ring-shaped sheet that is placed between two surfaces inside the engine to avoid any direct contact. The compression and high pressure in the compressor can cause leakage of gases and the Sabroe gaskets act as the perfect barrier between the two surfaces.

These were some of the major compressor spare parts that are offered by Sabroe. You can buy these parts from Sabroe compressor parts suppliers in India to get the best quality products at a feasible price.

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