Difference between Water Purifier and Water Filter

by Hardik M. Digital Marketing Head

Today we all know that consuming clean and pure water is very important. We need pure water for many purposes be it for drinking, cleaning fruits and vegetables etc so to safeguard our health we choose water purifier.

When it comes to water purification we use water filter and water purifier. Many people think that these both terms mean the same and are interchangeable.  But it is not true. Although both the things are used to remove water impurities and provide you pure and clean water but there are some differences between them. Let us discuss as what are the major differences between them.


Impurities Removed

Water Filters: Water filters use physical barriers to remove impurities and suspended particles from the water. However they cannot remove heavy metals and chemical pollutants.

Water Purifier: Water purifier remove all the physical and chemical impurities including the heavy metals, excess TDS. It removes all the hazardous minerals from water. Water purifier uses two methods of purification: Reverse Osmosis and Distillation.


Purification Level

Water Filters: Water filter uses 2-3 layers of filtration to provide the clean water. If your water tastes salty or contains heavy metals water filter does not fit well because it can remove impurities up to a certain level only.

Water Purifier: Water purifier uses more advanced water purification process. The water purifier comes with RO+UV and RO+UV+MF technology. Now people started calling them RO water purifier. These RO water purifier comes with multi purification stages having multiple filters and layers to clean water from hazardous water particles.



Water Filters: Water filters are suitable in areas where the water is less impure. Water filers can only purify the water up to a certain level and does not guarantee 100% purification.

Water Purifier: RO water purifier can be used in urban and rural areas. The water purification is advance and clean to multiple levels. So if you are living in an area where the water is polluted and have heavy metals and infected particles then you must go to buy the best water purifier for home.


Water Filters: Even the water filters does not use high advanced water purification technology. Water filters is a simple device with basic features and only one filter.

Water Purifier: The water purifiers are smart with advanced features having multiple purification layers that provide us complete pure and clean water. It also has the alert system to indicate the water tank is full and also alerts you about the filter replacement.


What to Choose?

If question arise as whether to buy water purifier or water filter then first you must think of the area where you are residing as water filters are only suitable in those areas where the water quality is not very bad. Talk about the price then water purifier price is high compared to water filter. But now companies like Livpure Smart gives you the option to rent water purifier online at reasonable price. Also you can buy water purifier online on EMI option with very less down payment. Livpure Smart assure the water purification and gives you 100% safe drinking water at less price.


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