Difference Between Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy

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To begin with, Onshore and Offshore Wind India energy equally contribute towards a transition that’s aiming for a carbon-free electricity system. Even the technology that’s used to generate electricity in both the cases is the same but differs in position, scale, size & how the electricity is transferred.

So let’s get into what actually makes them different from scratch! 

What is Onshore Wind Energy? 

In simpler words, power produced using wind turbines placed on land using the natural movement of the air is known as Onshore Wind Energy. Onshore wind farms are often located in fields or rural areas with less population, buildings or other hurdles that could interrupt the wind’s movement.  

Benefits of Onshore Wind Energy

Here are 4 major benefits of Onshore Wind Energy India.

No Adverse Environmental Impact

Like mentioned earlier, onshore wind farms even if placed on fields leaves the place cultivable. Along with this, its construction and operation creates fewer emissions when compared to other sources. 


It stands parallel to Solar PV in terms of cost, meaning, it’s one of the affordable renewable energy sources, even cheaper than offshore wind power. It can bring the electricity cost down because it takes less means to run onshore farms. 

Easy Maintenance

It’s both cheaper and easier to maintain and run onshore wind farms when compared to offshore wind farms. Even onshore wind farm’s construction takes lesser efforts and resources than offshore. 


In the area, both energies stand parallel. Both onshore and offshore creates job opportunities to add to the country’s growth in one way or another.

Disadvantages of Onshore Wind Energy

Here are some disadvantages of Onshore Wind Energy.

Less Power Generation

One limitation that makes Offshore wind energy outrun the Onshore wind energy is power generation. How? Turbine’s Tip Height Limitation. It’s not the case in Offshore Wind energy that leads to more power generation. 

Threat To People and Nature

Some worries are making rounds that onshore wind turbines could be a threat to birds. Sometimes, noise is also an issue. 

No Wind Issue 

We can’t totally rely on onshore wind energy because there could be times when there’s not enough strong wind to produce electricity. It might take us back to renewable energy resources, even if it’s for a brief period and can be a hurdle to our zero carbon emission mission.

Varying Wind Speed 

Changing wind speed and wind direction can challenge the consistency of electricity that can be generated through onshore wind farms. 

What is Offshore Wind Energy?

Wind farms deployed inside the water bodies are known as offshore wind energy. These wind farms produce electricity by utilising the renewable sea winds with the help of fixed-foundation turbines or floating wind turbines. 

Benefits of Offshore Wind Energy

Here are 3 major benefits of Offshore Wind India.


Offshore wind farms are more efficient than onshore because of wind’s direction consistency and higher speed. Same amount of energy or even more can be produced by installing fewer turbines. 

Less Environmental Impact 

Far away from the land and people, offshore turbines are seen as no threat. Also, restricted access near them helps save the marine ecosystem. 

More Space, More Energy

Unlike Onshore turbines, Offshore wind turbines in oceans have more capacity with less construction limitations. More clean energy for a sustainable world. 

Disadvantages of Offshore Wind Energy

Here are some disadvantages of Offshore Wind Energy.


Offshore wind farms have a complex construction followed by a high infrastructure cost. 


There are some areas of concern like wind speeds, strong seas & accessibility issues that makes maintenance a tough task. 

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, both these methods are contributing equally to a greener world and have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Many companies are making the most of Onshore & Offshore Wind India by running turbines successfully. 

EDF Renewables is also doing a tremendous job in both fields with a very impressive portfolio powering the Green India Revolution.

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