Difference Between Eye Repair Serum and Eye Cream

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Eye Repair Serum and Eye Cream

We all know that our delicate eye area always needs extra care because it shows the earliest signs of aging. Due to today’s busy and stressful lifestyle, our eye region is reclining to dullness, wrinkles, and sagging. To prevent early aging, it is very important to invest in the best eye care products. Another reason is that our eye area is very sensitive. Low-quality products can harm eyesight.


Now there are two types of eye care products are available. One is eye repair serum and another is eye cream. Both have their specific properties and benefits but we are often faced with the difficult choice of buying an eye cream or eye serum. So, it is very important to identify the difference between both products.


Although there are lots of similarities between both but the differences between eye repair serum and eye cream can help you to make your choice.


Texture (in terms of viscosity)


You can easily identify this feature while using both products. The concentration of oils and fats is high and the content of watery components is low in eye creams or lotions. That’s why their texture is thick and heavy.


On the other hand, eye repair serums contain high watery components and have very low viscosity. They can flow like water.


Working on the skin


Both products have different working on the skin. Eye creams provide skin surface-level treatment and used for moisturization to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and looking airbrushed. Very rare chances of having active ingredients. Due to the larger molecule size of ingredients, their absorption into the skin is limited. They can lock the moisture on your skin due to thickness but also lock the active ingredients to go deeper into the skin.


Eye serums are highly concentrated in active agents that can be fully absorbed into your skin. They have a smaller molecule size that assists in quicker absorption.


Applicable skin types


You have to choose eye creams according to your skin type whether it is dry, oily, or a combination as they act on the surface. While eye repair serums apply to all skin types. Need to avoid only synthetic allergens.




Eye creams are less expensive due to fillers or fat molecules which are not very costly but require application in larger amounts. Eye repair serums have super-rich ingredients, nutrients, and collagen-enhancing proteins that penetrate deep into your skin. So, they are expensive and a small quantity is required.

Benefits and uses


  • Brighten the undereye and for preventing signs of aging.
  • An eye serum nourishes, improves dark circles, and fights wrinkles.
  • Eye cream is primarily used for moisturizing and hydrating the area.
  • Eye cream is meant to replenish the moisture.
  • An eye serum is like added vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.

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