Diesel Generators in Modern India

by Jenny C. Blogger and Outreach Expert

The 21st-century world cannot imagine a day without electricity; it is the lifeline of every individual's activities. India is a developing country, and a large part of the economy depends on the electricity supply. Almost every sector comprising the industrial, commercial, agriculture, and even household brings forward the need for electricity as their basic need.

The economy of India is mostly agricultural. Most of India's agricultural surplus is run from rural agricultural areas where most people are devoid of a continuous supply of electricity. To make supplying electricity in remote India easy, the Diesel generators' concept was developed.

What is the role of diesel generators in modern India?

Electricity is an arena that aims at improving the efficiency of the country's industrial performance. India's power sector struggles at providing an uninterrupted, reliable, regular, and extensive power supply; that is when the Diesel Generator serves as a savior. They prevent the different commercial activities from coming to a grinding halt and provide them with electricity externally. Even though diesel used in operating the generators comes with a cost, they are preferred over the other external sources of energy. Diesel Generators are easy to operate, easily available in the market, easy to install, and low space requirements. 

The industrial sectors often face problems of energy cut that is essentially fulfilled by the presence of generators.

Few things that we should consider while we are using a generator:

Though the diesel generator price in India is lower than the other external sources of electricity, one should also keep in mind that the generator in use is environment friendly, has less fuel consumption, and is non-polluting.

The government of India has published regulations regarding the functioning and efficiency of diesel generator sets. Therefore, one should keep in mind the regulations concerning the adequacy and effectiveness in the generators' current contexts of advancements. The small-sized generators are compact and less polluting but less efficient; they use only diesel as a fuel to operate. Large-sized generators often used tars, heavy oils, the oil obtained after refining, and diesel. Still, these can cause overheating of the generator and poses risks of fire hazards.

The efficiency and function designed for generators are similar all over the globe. Therefore, in India, too, the larger the generator's size, the greater the efficiency.

Small firms, agricultural units, and households usually use small-sized generators of 50kW, as they are more driven by price factor than efficiency. The diesel generators price is a very important factor to consider as many farmers and people from lower economic groups cannot avail of a generator's service if it is very costly.

Standards and norms that should be noted while calculating the efficiency of the diesel generator in India:

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is an authorized body that sets standards and guidelines for different appliances. According to BIS, the mandatory maximum limit of manufacturing Diesel generators in India in specific fuel consumption is up to 19kW. The manufacturing and selling of generators not up to 19kW are illegal and not unethical.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the provision of Energy Conservation Act, 2001, was established in the year 2002. With the help of developing policies, automated strategies, and market principles within the framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, the BEE aimed at assisting to reduce the energy intensity on the Indian economy.

The BEE serves to regulate the energy performance standards and promote types of equipment and appliances that are energy efficient through star labels.

We have to save the earth and yearn for its sustainable development. Though the need for electricity can never be neglected in any way, we should put the environment's concerns first. Though generators are used in many sectors as an external source of energy, the use of obsolete models of diesel generators can pose serious threats to the environment and cause pollution.

Thus, our environment's protection should be kept in mind while using generators that run on diesel.

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