Did You Just Get The Best Dishwasher Brand In India? Maintain It Wisely!

by Jennifer Winget k2appliances
In this phenomenal world, 
You might have witnessed aggressive disasters like earthquake, floods and what not
And fortunately, you have successfully overcome it.

No, no you don’t have to take a sigh of relief!  

There is still a disaster that is unbearable and seizes every individual in a different and unique manner.
Wondering which is the one? 

It is none other than your mom’s anger (The most terrifying disaster)

The phrase “Don’t Angry Me” fits best with every mom in this world. (I know you agree with it)

Therefore, It is better to obey your mom’s order, otherwise, we know flying chappals are always happily and eagerly waiting for all of us.

We have an idea to calm this horrifying disaster. 
Want to know what it is? 

best dishwasher brand

Get home the best dishwasher 

It is not just a unit, it is the savior for all of us 
Our mothers turn into a disaster generally with a single scenario i.e. with our maid’s leave

So, gift your mom this 24*7 available assistant for cleaning dishes and let your maid enjoy the permanent leave from your home. 

Not just the purchase it is important to maintain the unit properly as “ if you take care of the unit, then only it’ll take care of you.” 

  • General Dishwasher Maintenance Tips
  • Energy-Efficient Tips 
  • Keeping Dishwasher Odor-Free

General Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Though best dishwasher brand in India is generally a low maintenance appliance still it requires little care and maintenance for its smooth like silk operations in the long run. We have listed some basic tips for keeping your dishwasher running in a tip-top manner. 

Don’t Get Into Hurry

Dishwashers have a built-in water heater and a sturdy motor that consume a lot of electricity. Improper connections can lead to fire or power outages. Thus, all the dishwashers should be plugged into the grounded outlet or should be directly wired. Even the must socket should be compatible enough to handle the large load required by most of the dishwashers. 

The Dishwasher Should Be At A Level

The right best selling dishwasher level is crucial for the proper working of the unit. If your unit isn’t at a level, it could leak. You can easily check it by opening the door and placing the air bubble level along the edge side. 
If the dishwasher level, raise or lower either by adjusting the balance correctly. 

Eliminate The Clogs

The overtime food particles, mineral deposits, and the other debris can clog your appliance and can hang up the unit in the middle of operations. Therefore, it is important to clean these small holes to make the appliance work efficiently. 
You can do it by:

  • Removing the sprayer arm
  • Soak it in warm vinegar for few hours
  • Clean out each spray hole with a pipe cleaner

Energy-Efficient Tips

Just like in cars the energy efficiency is measured in miles-per-gallon. Similarly, in the best dishwasher brand in India, it is measured with a term called energy factor. This energy factor depends on the number of cycles per-kilowatt-hour of electricity. 
Therefore we have listed some tips that will elevate your energy factor and offer you a fine and perfect cleaning of dishes. 

Hot Water In Your Sink

Run hot water in your sink for a minute before turning on your dishwasher. This allows the hot water to flow through the pipes and start your wash cycle with hot water rather than the cold. 

Don’t Use The Delay Cycle

Fill the dishwasher tub with the cold water for the first few cycles and let the unit do the further work on its own. 

Avoid Pre-Rinsing Of Dishes

The scraping off the leftover food is sufficient. You don’t need to remove the food particles even the sticky ones. You need to soak or pre-rinse the dishes usually when something is burnt or overcooked. 

Keeping Dishwasher Odor-Free

If the dishwashers are regularly used, they tend to develop problems like a bad odor. To avoid such problems, have a look at the below-listed tips:

  • The Water Softener

Check your water softener. If it is not properly balanced or maintained it can result in the foul smell in the water supply. 

  • Deodorize 

Run a cycle with a quart of vinegar safely in the tub and pump. You need to put a scoop of Tang powdered drink mix in your dishwasher and gently scour the interior walls with a fresh scent. 


Do hand washing dishes save something for your future? No! You are wasting your money, time and efforts with it. 
So, to minimize your spendings, get home the best dishwasher brand in India. 
With the above-listed tips, you can enjoy years of dishwashing effortlessly at your home. 

What are you waiting for? Visit K2 Appliances and make the purchase of the best selling dishwasher at an economical dishwasher price in India and avail a flat 10% cashback. 

Make Your Safe And Smart Move Now!

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