Diagnosing Windshield Damage: 3 reasons why it can happen

by Deepika Singh Writer
Unlike any other integral component of a car, your windshield receives far less attention than it should. It’s only in desperate times that we realise that it isn’t functioning properly and the ignorance has finally taken a toll on you. For something as vital for your safety, a bit of extra care is all that your windshield calls for. But that can only happen if you know the various possible ways by which windshield damage can occur. 

It happens now and then that you find that your Jeep windshield wipers are worn out or the windshield is cracked, chipped, or hazy and you are left wondering the cause of it all. Knowing how windshield damage occurs will help you not only in diagnosing it better but also taking measures to avoid it in the first place. Here, we identify the three most common causes of windshield damage:

Road Accidents

Your recent car accident might not have splintered your windshield but it might have caused some unnoticed harm to it. While your windshield might have escaped extensive damage this time, you must realize that it is always prone to small cracks after an accident, especially post head-on collisions. 

Now, a damaged windshield could you lead to a massive hole in your pocket. Since a windshield is what endures a great deal of pressure, it is necessary to walk in for repairs as soon as you notice even the smallest of damages. Otherwise, you might just have to spend the Jeep windshield price instead.

Exposure to extreme temperatures

Heat causes the glass of your windshield to expand, eventually leading to unexpected cracks making your windshield vulnerable to more damage. Direct exposure to sunlight can impair the edges of the glass or cause the existing damage to grow even more. Extreme change in the weather can also put unnecessary pressure on your windshield causing it to crack. The best way to protect it is to cover the vehicle when not in use, or have it parked in the shade. It is also advised to have it inspected prior to any acute weather change. 

Dust, debris, and rock chips

While a car front glass price spent once in 2-3 years is not unprecedented, with optimum care you can avoid such a situation. When you drive, especially on rocky roads, tiny pieces of road debris or rocks could fly up and target your windshield. You can help protect it by keeping a few metres behind the bigger vehicles, particularly the loaded trucks. Driving slow on gravel, broken roads, or in construction zones also helps you keep your windshield intact. 

There are more than one ways which could cause your windshield to crack or make it prone to massive damage risking your safety. To preserve it for a long time, don’t delay your regular repair visits, especially if you happen to notice even a slight crack or unusual vibration. 

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