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by Pace Staff Singapore Pace Academy

Professional continuing education is a specific type of learning experience which includes issuance of a certificate. With the huge competition and industrial development taking place across the world, it has become even more important for all the corporate workers to scale up to newer heights with continuing education programmes.

These courses are highly sought-after because these training programmes allow the candidates to acquire a competitive edge over the rest. The most interesting part about these training programmes is that the contents of these courses include the latest industry news, business development solutions, skills improvement strategies, and innovative tools.      

To add to that, the course curriculum and module, include different training sessions, group discussions, debates, small talks, conferences, workshops and seminars. Each of these formats help the students get a deeper perspective about their industry. These formats enable the participants to become a lot more resilient, determined and focused at work. 

Let's take a look at some of these formats below:

  • Seminars: The main aim of conducting a seminar is to enable the learners become a lot more productive at work. Continuing education training programmes include seminars which help the students broaden their knowledge and networking powers. Such seminars usually include lectures from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and industry giants. These market experts share their valuable inputs and suggestions with the students. They even interact with the students to help them improve their career prospects and widen their knowledge on the best career options available in the market. 
  • Workshops: To help the students gather knowledge on new projects, methods and best practices, course-trainers organise workshops. Students get a hands-on training on the latest tools, business processes, software suites, online platforms and laser-edge technologies which help in business transformation. Students learn about their strengths and weaknesses, during these workshops. They get the chance to evaluate themselves and work on skills gaps, if any. Students also get the opportunity to collaborate with their fellow participants to reach a common goal, and evaluate their own performances, in the process. 
  • Debates: Group discussions and debates, help participants engage into a formal discussion with fellow students. Participants learn to put forward logic and argue with fellow participants. Students get to improve some of the common elements required for taking part in debates such as factual accuracy, logical consistency and emotional appeal. Learners get the opportunity to discuss and decide on different points and topics. Such debates help the learners get prepared to attend corporate meetings and forums with confidence.
  • Group Talks: Face-to-face discussions and group-based research activities further help the learners innovate, create and brainstorm. These training formats enable the learners to coordinate and unite with one another, ally and work jointly in order to accomplish a common objective. Group talks and conferences allow the learners to exchange dialogues, conversations and views, with peace and harmony.
  • Presentations: When course-takers get involved in business presentations, they learn to delve deep into their subject, research on different topics, improve their knowledge on various industry trends and gather relevant data. It increases their self-confidence and interaction power.  

Singapore houses many training institutes which provide continuing education courses. Depending on your interests and preferences, you can select your favourite subject as part of your continuing education programme at a reputed Singapore-based institute. So, go ahead and enhance your professional abilities like never before.  

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