Detecting a Termite Infestation

by Austin Baines Content Writer

In recent years, termite infestation cases have dramatically greater than before. Repairs and damages brought about by these little “white ants” could reach billions of dollars every year. Since termite control costs are normally excluded from insurance, this will clearly bring about additional financial burden to home and building owners alike. However, early prevention and control of an infestation can significantly minimize collateral damage.

Prevention methods are most useful on newly acquired properties wherein there is little or no presence of termite infestation. But what if there is already an active infestation in your home? Then termite control calls for the immediate search for signs of infestation. Professionals from termite control Perth companies are very well adept in locating termite nests, it’s what they do. However, it may also cost homeowners a few more hundred bucks. Don’t fret though because there are do-it-yourself termite control methods that guide you to detect termite intrusions in your home.

Being observant of your surrounding can significantly contribute to an early detection of infestation. If you know what to look for and know enough information about termites, then you are more than capable of controlling termite problems in your home. Some of the things that you need to look out for are the following:

There may be swarms of termites flying during daytime usually after rainfall. Typically, it is during early spring that winged termites fly in quest for mates and build new colonies, and then shed off their wings which can be found on window sills or along walls.

Termites build mud tunnels which serve as their passage way to and from the colony as they go foraging for food. Since their food is cellulose in wood, there could be mud tubes sticking out of the structure in contact to the ground such as piers of a building which form its foundation.

Uncharacteristic bulges on walls or bubbling paints could mean there is presence of termites within those walls.

Try tapping on floors and baseboards. A hollow sound could mean there are burrowing tunnels within.

Being able to discover a termite infestation in your home is one thing, but finding evidence of termite damage is another. Evidence of termite damage is very difficult to find that it is almost impossible to find with untrained eyes. Assistance from experts may be necessary in order to assess the overall damage brought about by such infestation.

Property inspections for termite control and prevention are usually done when you decide to buy or sell a property. Realtors who are responsible enough to protect client interests would usually require a termite inspection before closing a deal. They may call on reliable termite control companies to bring in experts to do a thorough inspection on a house or building and recommend termite control solutions to existing problems or suggest preventive measures to protect uninfected properties. Yes, a Pest Control Perth professional assistance will cost you more money but such may also be a worthy investment because it saves you thousands of dollars for avoiding significant property damage.

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Alvin Clavines Junior  Pest Control Expert
While termites start to inflict damage inside the wood material, there are noticeable indications of their presence. Being able to discover them before they make significant damage can save you a lot on repair cost.
Feb 3rd 2020 22:58   
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