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Hello everyone today we are going to build a fresh mobile application which is a courtesy homeworker. Let me show you how it works. So the user gives input like Euros here, and we do the respective values for you. Swiss franc check money and Turk shares digital marketing training, and they say USD for instance, for dollars. The values change. As you can see and we're getting real data time. So does churn data. Now we're getting data from the internet. We can work and get to the relay to the valley k so we will learn a lot of tricks. So let me close this and let me start by showing you the technology behind this mobile application.

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So we're going to use something called J song. So it can be pronounced as Jason. Jason, I will mark it as Jason. OK. So what is Jason? It stands for javascript object notation. So it's a math that is written in Javascript. But now, for now, it's far digital marketing training beyond javascript. Almost every programming language has its unique ways to process Jason data and consequently, every major big platform like websites. Mobile applications are there where you can think of has its outputs as Jason format in J-Zone Format. OK. So they give you the outputs in Jason format so that you can process it efficiently within your application and show it to the user.


So this is like a globally in line way to exchange data globally aligned format, and Koplin Java and Swift has its ability to process this data. But how do we get data from major applications major rep sites? We use something called API. So let me google some API for you like online marketing courses  Facebook Twitter AMDP OK and every search are some results right. So what is an API API stands for an application programming interface? And it lets you give some input to the system and take some outputs out of the major global networks like Facebook Twitter, and I am D.B and every other part of that you can think of. Kate so maybe you can go into your user name as an input to Twitter, and you can take a list of your friends as an output cape.

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  1. So they give you the list of the friends in some format, so you use this format you process the data and show the user the final result. Kate, so we will use a currency API. 
  2. So I'm searching for currency API, and the first resolved that is not an ad is fixed or dot I O. So this is a foreign exchange currency API which gives us this kind of link which is the link that digital marketing training will get us to the Jasen data. 
  3. And this is the actual data here. As you can see and this is a format that I was talking about it is very systematic like you can see the base is euros data is this and rates are these K, and we have other links. We have different options as well in here.


Like you we can choose the base in this link we will use this cape. So let me copy this year and paste as you can see going directly to the does your owl digital marketing training use us the result of some data. So if you go to these your editing any other browser than Firefox you will see does Jason format in lousy shape. But Firefox reads and beat Feis the Jason format for cake. Doesn't matter. It is the same thing.


Hello everyone within the section for the first time we're going to interact with the Internet, we're going to send some information to the upsides and we're going to get some info out of that Web site and use that information in our application where we're going to build a currency converter and it will Use real-time data. OK. So after this digital marketing training section you will have missed opportunities to create this kind of application that interacts with the Internet that is taking the input of the user and sending the data to the Web sites and getting Some information in return for this input. So if you're ready to go and watch the first lecture to see how it's done.


Now let's get started with our project, so let me close. And the Surrey taps here and this one as well. So let's leave this picture that I open because we will need that. To create a digital marketing training project and I will call it coupling currency converter. OK. Don't forget to include coupling support and the hit knocks out is OK. Empty activity and this is the main activity. OK. So after this section, you will learn how to interact with the Internet how to go to your own how to get data and how to process it, and you can use all of this information beyond your imagination can create any application you want.

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