Decision Matrix: How to Decide the Right Next Step for Your Business?

by Louise Brooks Teaching Resources Australia

A decision matrix is a visual tool that can help you make difficult marketing decisions by organizing the data into two or more columns and rows. The key to using a decision matrix effectively is to use it as a thinking tool, not just as a listing of options. By breaking down complex choices into manageable chunks, you can make better decisions and move forward with your marketing plans.

The Double Bubble Map: The New Decision-Making Tool

A double bubble map is another powerful decision-making tool that helps you see the big picture. It creates a two-dimensional view of your marketing goals so you can see how each element of your marketing plan contributes to your overall objectives. This type of analysis can help you make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts and where to cut back.

What Is Decision Matrix?

A decision matrix is a tool used in decision-making that helps to organize and summarize the options and preferences of all interested parties. It is also known as a double bubble map, because it consists of two bubbles: one for acceptability and one for desirability. The bubbles are color-coded to indicate the level of agreement on each option among the various groups.

The decision matrix can be helpful in making decisions when there are multiple possible solutions, or when there are multiple interests involved. It can also help in prioritizing options, and in making sure that all concerns are taken into account.

How to Use Decision Matrix?

A decision matrix is a tool that can be used to help make decisions. It is made up of two bubbles, one on the top and one on the bottom. The bubbles represent different choices that a person may have to make. The goal is to put all of the options in the bubble that represents the best decision for the person.

To use a decision matrix, start by drawing a line from the top bubble to the bottom bubble. This line represents the decision that has already been made. Next, draw another line from the bottom bubble to the top bubble. This line represents all of the possible choices that a person could make.

Now, fill in each option on this line with a corresponding number. For example, if someone wants to go out for dinner, they would put 1 in the “Dinner Out” option and 0 in all of the other options.

Next, draw another line from the top bubble to where you drew your first line. This line represents all of the possible decisions that a person could make based on their options from step 2. Let’s say someone decided to have dinner out and paid for their meal with cash.

What Is Double Bubble Map?

A double bubble map is a tool used in decision-making. It helps you make decisions by visualizing how different choices would affect different outcomes.

The double bubble map is also called a matrix or decision tree.

The double bubble map is a two-dimensional representation of a decision problem. The horizontal axis represents choice options, and the vertical axis represents possible outcomes.

Each cell in the double bubble map corresponds to an option and the possible outcomes that could occur as a result of that option. The bubbles represent how much impact each choice has on the outcome.

The goal of using the double bubble map is to determine which choice has the most impact on the desired outcome. This can be done by comparing each option to the desired outcome and determining which option has the biggest impact.

There are several ways to use the double bubble map. One way is to use it when you don't know what the best option is. You can use it to help you brainstorm different options or to help you decide which option to choose.

Another way to use the double bubble map is to use it when you have already decided on an option and you want to see how it would affect the different outcomes.

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