Debunking Top 5 Myths of Prostate Cancer

by Cancer Clinix Cancer is curable
According to the National Library of Medicine, the avg annual incidence rate of prostate cancer in India is 100,000/year.

The figure rings alarms about the need for care. However, despite an advanced infrastructure for cancer treatment in India, a major setback is due to the misconceptions that entail amongst the masses.

We engaged in a conversation with a cancer specialist in Ahmedabad - Cancerclinix to understand factful information against these myths that we are about to debunk.

Let’s begin.

Myth #1: Prostate Cancer Develops only in Old-Age People

Although more than 65% of the cases diagnosed with prostate cancer are of men aged 65 or more, age is just one of the many factors causing prostate cancer. Other considerable factors include hereditary factors, overall health, lifestyle, food habits, and locality of your living, among others.

It is true that age increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, but it is also a fact that 35% of the cases fall below the age of 65.

Myth #2: No Symptoms mean No Cancer

An unsettling characteristic of prostate cancer is that it is asymptomatic, meaning most men do not experience any symptoms, and often they are mistaken or overlooked. At Cancerclinix, it is mostly detected by their prostate cancer specialist in Ahmedabad while routine checks. You can watch for frequent and difficult urination, burning sensation or bleeding during urination, erection problems, pain while ejaculation, blood in semen, soreness, and stiffness in the legs. Having all or any of these symptoms do not confirm prostate cancer but calls for medical intervention that may diagnose its cause.

Myth #3: Prostate Cancer is Not Fatal

A biopsy is conducted to confirm the condition of prostate cancer. Based on these reports, a physician or the doctor identifies the spread and intensity of cancer in the individual. Depending on the report, treatment methods are initiated by specialists. It is not to be taken lightly and take treatments seriously.

Myth #4: Prostate Cancer is not Hereditary

Only a small number of cases are diagnosed with prostate cancer cases with a family history of the same. In most cases, it does not apply. However, you cannot overrule the possibility.

Myth #5: PSA Tests mean You have a Cancer

PSA test is conducted to check for many other problems such as swelling, infection, or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - enlargement of the prostate gland and cancer. It is phase 1 of a cancer diagnosis. It is better to detect at an early stage for successful treatment.

On a final note, prostate cancer fatalities are in small numbers, but early detection and cure are important. With advanced treatment, cures are getting improvised.

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