Debunking The Top 5 Myths About Plastic Surgery In India

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Although medical science and technology have greatly advanced worldwide, there revolves some myths or misconceptions about plastic and cosmetic surgery in our country. Many of us still raise questions about the whys, how’s, and what’s about plastic and cosmetic surgery. However, to give proper answers to all the queries and make people realize how plastic and cosmetic surgery can be beneficial to them and even change their lives, the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata has brought to you this article!

Keep Reading If You Are Interested To know The Facts Behind The 5 Most-Discussed Myths About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery In India –

Myth-1 Plastic Surgery Is Not Meant For Common Masses In India

Fact: Being the citizens of India, a developing country, most people still believe that plastic and cosmetic surgery is something that is simply not reachable for us. In fact, a majority of Indian people think that plastic surgery is only for models and superstars who need to remain in a perfectly sculptured body to look great. Besides, when it comes to the discussion of its expenses, most of us automatically suppose that plastic surgery is too much expensive. But in general, it is not as expensive as most of us think. Even thousands of common people every year are opting for plastic surgery for the beautification of their faces and bodies.

Myth-2 People Need To Go Abroad To Undergo Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

Fact: You would be surprised to know that plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques originated in 600 BC, that too in ancient India. Now, with the advancement of medical science and technology, Indian plastic surgeons are considered to be the best worldwide. In fact, thousands of foreigners every year tend to fly to India in order to get their plastic and cosmetic surgery done by Indian plastic surgeons only.

Myth-3 Men Do Not Undergo Plastic Surgery In India

Fact: It is another common conviction that more beautification and improved looks are only desired by women in our country. But in reality, irrespective of gender, both women and men get benefitted from plastic surgery, and therefore, men too choose to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery. The most common plastic procedures that men choose to undergo are liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid surgery, etc.

Myth-4 Plastic Surgery Means Having A Lot Of Scars

Fact: The main motive for undergoing plastic surgery is to enhance beauty and not at all make it worse after surgery. Henceforth, expert cosmetic surgeons in Kolkata, as well as India, so efficiently conceal or camouflage the scars of plastic surgery that they cannot get visible easily, and here lies the convenience of plastic surgery.

Myth-5 Plastic Surgery Gives You An Unnatural Look

Fact: If you keep realistic expectations and choose an efficient cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata, you are less likely to have an unnatural surgical outcome. Expert plastic surgeons only work to give you that look that suits your face or body naturally. So, this is just another myth that is often circulated to break the confidence and increase the insecurities of people who desire to have plastic surgery.

Now that you are well-acquainted with the real facts, explore more options! You never know that consulting the best plastic surgeon in Kolkata may even change your life!

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