Dealing With Psychological Harassment At Workplace

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Workplace harassment can be in many forms.  Knowing how to identify harassment and dealing with it is one big step to bringing it to an end. From online abuse to any other form of discrimination, workers should know how to avoid a hostile work environment by taking the right steps to seek justice. There is so much harassment at the workplace that leaves employees unproductive at work. One form of harassment that is rarely talked about is psychological harassment.

What Is Psychological Harassment?

  Psychological harassment involves the use of verbal comments, gestures, or any other unwelcomed conduct that seems to be:

· Repetitive

· Would result in a harmful workplace environment

· Affect one’s dignity

· Intimidating and annoying

 The above workplace harassment may either come from a colleague, manager, or even a supervisor. Also, it may be directed to a single employee or a group of employees.

Due to a great deal of stigma associated with harassment, one can hire a workplace harassment attorney to fight back on their behalf. Statists show that many victims of harassment at the workplace never take a bold step to report the act of harassment. Others are not even aware of what constitutes harassment. If you are psychologically harassed, there are steps you can follow to stop the harassment. Some of the strategies you can include:

· Showing the harasser that you are in disagreement with the behavior. As much as you may fear talking to the one who is harassing you, this would be a big step to stop the behavior.

· Make a complaint. If speaking to the harasser is unfruitful, you can speak about the issue to a trusted person. You can make it known to your employer or supervisor; this way, you give the company a chance to investigate your problem. You will have the opportunity to hold the company responsible if the company was aware of the harassment.

 If the company fails to take action, you may have a strong case in court.  Where the situation seems not to improve, make sure you put everything in writing; it will be useful when suing for harassment.

 If your hire a workplace harassment attorney, he/she can tell you that psychological harassment should not be confused with the act of an employer trying to exercise management rights, such as assigning tasks or imposing disciplinary actions on employees. Such a lawyer can help differentiate between hectic situations in the workplace with psychological harassment.

How To Prove That Your Are Being Psychologically Harassed At Work

 To sue your employer for harassment, you must show that:

· You were subjected to a hostile workplace environment, and this affected the way you performed your duties.

· The harassment was based on a protected class such as national origin, color, or race.

 Being psychologically harassed will only be illegal if you can prove that you and other workers belong to a protected class. Harassment acts should be taken seriously.  If you are being harassed and believe the same is happening to other employees, you can find class action lawsuit lawyers who can help you file a claim as a group. That way, you have the chance to protect your interest as a group of workers.

 Your employer is obligated to provide a work environment free from insult, intimidations among other issues that may show hostility towards workers. He/she must set up internal procedures meant to handle psychological harassment complaints if you and other employees believe that your employer has allowed psychological harassment at the workplace. You have the right to find class action lawsuit lawyers who will hold your employer responsible for such and ensure you receive justice.  Having your case being handled as a group will help to speed up the case and help change how psychological harassment is handled at the workplace.

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