Dartmouth Ketamine Clinic Offers Antidepressant Alternative For Depression

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Dartmouth Ketamine Clinic Offers Antidepressant Alternative For Depression

When you hear the word "ketamine," there's a good chance that the first thing you think of is not a ground-breaking option for people suffering from treatment-resistant conditions.

That's alright, you're not alone - but there are some things you should know about recent research into ketamine, and how effective it has been for many people who can't get relief from traditional options.

Though antidepressant medications have been in common use for nearly 70 years, for many people, they simply don't work. While the exact reasons for this are still unknown, it's estimated that up to 60% of people suffering from depression find standard antidepressants ineffective.

A new therapy available at Thrive IV utilizes ketamine to help with treatment-resistant depression and has been shown to help as much as 80% of patients that were not adequately affected by standard antidepressants.

Visit to learn more about ketamine infusions, the Thrive IV clinic in Dartmouth, MA and options for treatment-resistant depression.

The new treatment option uses either ketamine by itself or in combination with vitamins and nutrients. The exact combination will vary for each patient, based on your individual needs and the personalized treatment plan created for you by the clinic’s ketamine expert, Dr. Michael Pellegrino.

Dr. Pellegrino has spent years studying ketamine and its effectiveness for patients with certain treatment-resistant medical conditions, such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Every treatment plan is designed after in-depth consultations and review by Dr. Pellegrino, with regular updates to ensure you're receiving the most effective combination and dosage.

One study completed by researchers at Yale, and published in the journal Science (1), found that “although typical antidepressants have limited efficacy and delayed response times of weeks to months. A notable recent discovery shows that ketamine, a N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist, produces rapid (within hours) antidepressant responses in patients who are resistant to typical antidepressants.”

Though every treatment plan will differ slightly, a typical plan might involve up to six infusions over a period of several weeks, administered in the clinic under comfortable, supervised conditions. A standard treatment session can take approximately one hour, and you are encouraged to bring a blanket and wear comfortable clothing. A pair of noise cancelling headphones, eye shades and a playlist of positive music will be provided.

The Thrive IV clinic has found that most patients, after receiving their initial set of treatments, can have the dosages and frequency of other medications reduced. You may continue to receive lower “maintenance doses” or "boosters" every few weeks or months, with adjustments made as necessary by Dr. Pellegrino.

One satisfied client said on her Google review: “Ketamine therapy helped me where traditional medicine had failed. I suffered for years from depression and trauma and Dr. Pellegrino has shown me how wonderful life can be. I no longer struggle every day, and I am eternally grateful to him and his staff for giving me a new lease on life.”

While it can be difficult to believe that this time, this treatment, might be the one to work where everything else has failed - there's a very good reason to believe exactly that.

It's all in the evidence combined with our personal experiences.

Studies have shown that ketamine is often effective when all the standard options are not. Luckily, since it provides relief in hours instead of weeks or months, it's easy enough to find out for yourself.

Visit to learn more about Thrive IV, or schedule an appointment to see if ketamine is right for you.

(1) Science, 5 Oct 2012, Vol 338, Issue 6103, pp. 68-72

Thrive IV 49 State Rd Nauset Building #102, Dartmouth, MA 02747, United States Website Phone +1-508-848-8089

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