Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers for Nursing Home Abuse

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If your loved one complains of abuse in their nursing home, you should hire a personal injury attorney for a thorough investigation and get compensated.

Nursing home lawyers assist families affected by insult, abuse and neglect seek monetary compensation and justice. A personal injury lawyer draws about the legal procedure simpler and may enhance the possibility of receiving a monetary payout. 

Nearly all Dallas personal injury lawyers handle neglect cases as well. Nursing home neglect happens when a primary standard of care is not met, occurring in damage to a resident. 

A personal injury lawyer leads victims through the legal procedure and enables them to receive monetary compensation for the harm they’ve undergone. By engaging a skilled lawyer, families have an adequate opportunity of receiving compensation.

What is nursing home abuse?

Because numerous individuals in nursing homes cannot care for themselves, some unhealthy individuals detect them as targets rather than somebody there to assist. 

Some of the most familiar issues a texas nursing home attorneys receives from their clients are:

  • Emotional abuse

  • Physical abuse

  • Extortion

  • Gross neglect

  • Resident-on-resident abuse

  • Sexual molestation

In extension to abuse cases, a personal injury lawyer will also handle negligence cases. While these are barely different niches of law, these cases have many resemblances that enable personal injury lawyers to assist clients in both areas.

What to do if abuse is suspected?

First and foremost, register abuse with the proper authorities. You can perform this by calling Adult Protection Services within the state or contacting the local police. 

Report the abuse immediately to ensure you inform someone as soon as it occurs while the facts are still fresh in your mind. If abuse happens, try to keep a log (keep it hidden from staff) detailing what you have seen and experienced.

What services does nursing home attorneys provide?

Once you contact an attorney about nursing home abuse, they will set up a gathering with the victim and family members to discuss what happened. The issues of discussion will be:

  • Circumstances that led to the abuse and type of abuse that occurred. A history of the nursing homes the victim has lived in and care received. Discuss both the mental and physical abilities of the victim. 

  • Once the lawyer has these facts, they will explore the claim and decide the best action against the facility.

  • If everyone decided to push forward with the case, the aggrieved party has deemed the plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by the lawyer.

If a suit gets filed, the personal injury lawyer will then have to prove:

  • The legal obligation of the facility to properly care for the victim (in most cases, contracts are signed that delineate the care given and duties of the facility for the individual being admitted)

  • How the facility failed to fulfill its responsibilities. How did the resident’s requirements or how did the resident get damaged due to negligence or a purposeful act

  • What injuries resulted from the harm inflicted by the employee of the facility or other person living there or as a result of blatant neglect

How personal injury lawyers Help

An experienced texas nursing home attorneys can help:

  • Collect Information: Your lawyer may compile medical records and other evidence required for a successful case. Your lawyer can create the most powerful case for you once you have all the evidence.

  • Submit your claim: It is crucial to ascertain that your lawsuit is accepted correctly. Paperwork errors can derail or extend a case, amounting to time and money. Also, there are statutes of constraints that deter you from filing your lawsuit after a particular time (usually within 3 years). A lawyer can file your lawsuit without any difficulties.

  • Relieve yourself: The legal system is challenging unless you are a lawyer. Maneuvering with an experienced personal injury lawyer will alleviate the legal procedure. 

  • Navigating the Investigation: Once the case gets admitted, both legal committees will ask each other for more input about the case during the investigation stage. Your attorneys may receive statements, records, or other evidence from defendants to consolidate your case.

  • Settling a Complaint: Several elder abuse cases never move to trial but are settled. Assertions consequence in a direct payment to you. If a settlement cannot be achieved, a personal injury lawyer can combat you in court.


If you or a loved one got abused in a nursing home, you might not realize for sure if the abuse happened or not. However, it never hurts to look into your legal choices. 

In an ideal world, long-term care facilities would care for all senior citizens with the respect and care they deserve. Unfortunately, aged adults who fall victim to nursing home abuse may hold up physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

By struggling with Dallas personal injury lawyers, elders, and their families can recover from the injury and afford the required medical care.

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