Cyprus - an island of all seasons

by MO O. Travel Expert
The tourist may blame himself on his first visit to the island of Cyprus, and feel remorse because it was too late before his eyes enjoyed the view of the blue beaches, golden sand and the warm sun that shines on the island in all seasons of the year, illuminating with its incandescent rays the Temple of Aphrodite (the goddess of beauty and love in Greek mythology). This place attracts romantic lovers, and those who want to spend a honeymoon with a special taste. Away from the beaches and its charm, the eyes of the tourist pick up wild meadows, water eyes, deep valleys, olive groves, grapes and pine trees, which trace the streets, and provide tourists with the opportunity to walk or ride bikes in the fresh air. The night of the island is no less exciting, it is a pleasure to wake up, as sleep does not know its way to it. Its squares and streets are crowded with artistic performances that perform dance and singing shows until the first dawn strings. As for its cities, ports, monuments, temples, churches, and mosques, they are witnesses that tell the visitor the story of an island in which the Greek, Greek, Ottoman, Islamic and European civilizations mix together in one crucible, called "Cyprus".

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia, and it is located in the eastern part of the sea, not far from the shores of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. It has long been famous for its copper industry, hence its name that indicates the name of this mineral in Latin. It gained independence from Britain in 1960, and declared its establishment as a country independent of Turkey in 1983. Its most important cities are the capital Nicosia, the ports of Limassol and Larnaca, and the Troodos Mountains region. Tourist, the island is one of the best destinations to think of. Despite its small size, it receives more than two million tourists every year, the population welcomes them with friendliness and friendliness, and the tourist usually hears the phrase "Kalosorisate!" (That is: Welcome!) It is not surprising that an elderly person invites him to drink coffee, or participate in playing table games, without prior knowledge. They consider hospitality as part of their culture, and the guest rarely leaves a Cypriot house without offering him a meal, candy or a cup of coffee. During the period of tourist stay in this island, he finds help from everyone who encounters them, and feels very comfortable as he moves from one place to another to discover the hidden mysteries of this island, which are steeped in myths and mystery, and his tongue says: “One can not love Cyprus, unless it is without a heart ».

7 reasons to attract a tourist to the island of Cyprus

(1) Water activities

Cyprus has a large number of sandy beaches, in addition to deserted dark blue beaches, can be discovered by walking long distances outside the cities. Coral Bay, north of Paphos, is ideal for families looking for safe areas to swim, many water sports and family activities, ranging from diving, water skiing and windsurfing to fishing. As for those looking for a more secluded beach for a romantic vacation, they can go to Lara Beach, as it is not crowded with tourists, with an opportunity to follow the wildlife of turtles, through excursions organized by environmental conservation societies, as well as the possibility of all sports Watercolor imaginable. Generally, the weather is not warm enough to swim between January and March.

- (2) Warmth throughout the year

Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate, that is, it is the most stable in Europe, and the average annual temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, and there are 3 thousand sunny hours per year, with a warm winter, interspersed with very few rain showers, while its summer is moderately dry, which makes its beaches Suitable for swimming, diving and enjoying the blue sea. As for spring, it is the season that turns the island into an oasis of greenery, colorful flowers, and beauty hidden in forests, valleys and small villages. It is also the quieter and less crowded season, and best suited for those looking for a quiet vacation away from the noise.

(3) Multicultural dishes

The Cypriot cuisine is influenced by Islamic, Greek, Middle Eastern, European and Asian cultures, as it relies heavily on fresh fish and seafood, especially calamari (squid), which fishers bring to restaurants every day. There are also popular dishes consisting of grilled halloumi cheese, kebabs and hot "Loukaniko" sausages flavoured with spices and hot bread. The Cypriot cuisine also features "mezedes", which is an appetizer consisting of approximately 20 dishes. As for sweets, they carry an ancient legacy, and are distributed between rice dessert with sugar, almond flavor, rose water, pistachios, local pastries, halgoum and baklava. Certainly, one cannot leave the restaurant without drinking unparalleled Cypriot coffee.

(4) Wandering deep into history

The island includes among its flanks a rich history, being part of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, as well as Greek and Greek. These civilizations have left many monuments and finds distributed throughout the country, including the Neolithic and Bronze Age caves, Phoenician cemeteries, and Roman mosaics, in addition to ancient castles on mountain peaks, Byzantine churches, and Ottoman mosques, with many famous murals that can Its discovery while touring the cities, along with the architectural heritage preserved dating back to the Lusignan period, Venice and Islamic eras. It should be noted that the island was home to many writers, poets, and philosophers. A tree more than two hundred years old has opened and is still visible today. British novelist Lawrence Dorell wrote his novel, "Bitter Lemons," in which he describes his three years on the island of Cyprus.

- (5) outdoor parties

Cyprus is a suitable destination for youth and lovers of the night, as the nightlife glows in the summer and in the city of «Ayia Napa

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