Curiosity Paves the Path to Fostering a Lifelong Passion for Learning

by Samiksha S. Author


"I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious." – Albert Einstein.


Learning is something, which needs to come from within. It should be an innate desire to learn and grow. Haven’t you seen how your children tend to forget things really easily when they are forced into it but could remember those animated videos for months and years as they watch them with a lot of interest? In fact, this is the reason why when you push your children towards academic goals or even co-curricular activities that they show their disinterest in, all you get is disappointment in return.

But is there really any fault of the child to face that annoyance from you? Actually no! That’s because the child didn’t find any interest in that activity and hence failed to get a grip over it. On the contrary, if efforts are laid to raise the child’s curiosity in the task you assign them, the results would be otherwise. Hence, for a child to learn better and understand better, curiosity is the key!

Curiosity has a lot to do with the child’s desire to learn. At Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok, one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, we have seen that children who learn, keeping curiosity as the base, are more likely to explore and discover things on their own. Such children are not satisfied knowing only the "what" side of things. They are equally, or even more, interested in the "why’s" as well.


What is the Relation Between Curiosity and the Passion for Learning?

We, at DPS Sushant Lok, firmly believe that hard work is not the only prerequisite that leads to performance. Curiosity has an equally important role to play.

Thus, if you really wish to see your kids excel in whatever they do, then it is important for you to foster intellectual curiosity in them.

There is a rather direct relationship between curiosity and passionate learning. When children learn purely for the sake of learning, such learning will only prove beneficial in the moment but will fail to add any value to the child’s life. Contrary to this, when a child is curious to learn, he/she is likely to add valuable knowledge to his/her basket of information. This learning will thereby help shape the child's personality. Additionally, it is through this learning that the child will be able to scale new heights in life.

This is why at DPS Sushant Lok, we always encourage our students to look and learn beyond textbooks and bookish knowledge. We have tweaked our teaching style in such a way that even the disinterested students can awaken their lost curiosity. The result is – improved learning and better outcomes.


What Happens When Children Learn with Curiosity?

Children who are curious to learn a particular subject or concept do so at their own will. They need not be pushed into it. They enjoy the process, which in turn contributes to their happiness meter.


  • Better decision making

When a child is curious to learn, he/she is likely to absorb in every bit of the imparted information. The stored information thereby works as the foundation for making some of life’s important decisions.


  • Improved performance

Curious children give their 100% to the process of learning. They are highly attentive and look forward to sessions that interest them. The result of this is better performance and raised confidence.


  • Beats monotony

When children are curious to learn, they are always on the lookout for additional channels that can help them to better understand a subject. In the process, they end up learning much more than they must have anticipated. This helps in beating monotony.


Curiosity & Learning are Two Sides of the Same Coin!

All this while, if you have been unknowingly overlooking your child's curiosity to know and learn more, then now is the time to revisit your actions. We, at DPS Sushant Lok, recognized among the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, would like to urge the parents to try and go out of the way to come up with engagements that help bring out every bit of your child's curiosity. Give your child a free hand to learn by opening his/her curiosity channels. Let the kid explore new things and callings on the path, and see how your child turns into a natural learner.

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