Criminal Lawyers: Dealing and presenting the criminal cases

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Criminal cases in Texas are not easy to deal with, the first thing to do when you or a loved one has been caught up in such a situation is to consult a criminal attorney who has expertise in dealing with such cases. Most of the criminal defendants hire a private attorney to represent themselves in the court or one is appointed by the court for them.

Fighting for a criminal charge and case is a painful and stressful process, so consulting a criminal attorney will help to get support both mentally and emotionally.

When can a Criminal Attorney be hired?

A criminal defense attorney can be hired in any of the following stages

  • Well, it's always good to hire an attorney as soon as the arrest happens.

  • After the bail is allowed, and after being released from the jail

  • Consulting before an arraignment will help the accused to understand the charges and the range of punishment if found guilty. That means consulting a criminal defense attorney will help before arraignment will help to determine the pros and cons of the case.

  • After the arraignment takes place, the hearing in which you are given a chase to plead guilty or not guilty.

How can DUI lawyers help in DUI charges?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offense in Texas, which may lead to the cancellation of a driving license or even loss of a job that may result in an unsettlement in life. 

The DUI lawyers help to handle such cases of DUI and prove that the accused was not guilty and thus lead to dismissal of the case. A DUI lawyer in Texas can lead to dismissal of the case in the following ways:

  • Irrelevant cause for stopping the vehicle

  • Illegal seizure and search by the police

  • The police not allowed to talk to the lawyer

  • Testing was done without consent and a warrant

  • Chemical test conducted by the authorities was illegal 

  • Field sobriety test performed by the authorities was illegal

How can a criminal defense attorney help in a criminal case?

  • Collect evidence proofs: A criminal defense lawyer help to collect the evidence in support of the case (by visiting the crime scene, questioning the client, taking the statements of the witnesses) and raises defense in the court on the behalf of the client and the defense may include: 

  • Illegal search and seizure

  • Illegal warrants and arrest done

  • Illegal investigation and violation of Miranda rights

  • Entrapment (a crime committed under pressure or influence) e.g. crimes including drugs and internet crimes

  • Speak on the client’s behalf and represent the client in court: The texas criminal defense attorney can be very helpful to the client in representing the case in such a way that may be in favor of the client. A criminal court process may include many steps before trial that may include criminal investigation, preliminary hearing, grand jury proceeding, arraignment, discovery,  witness depositions, plea bargaining.

When an expert criminal attorney speaks on the client’s behalf, there are chances that the case may be dismissed before trial.

  • Defending the Client in Court during the trial: the criminal defense attorney having their expertise in handling such cases, present the case in such a way, so that the decision may favor the client and the defense attorney also defend the client from the prosecutor’s blame and questions.

If the defense attorney can prove the case based on evidence, the witness, and the jury are satisfied then the victory is of the defense attorney.

  • Make constant communication with the client: The criminal defense lawyer makes constant communication with the client and keeps them informed of every progress, step, and process going on. This makes the client prepared for the outcome of the case and when the client understands the seriousness of the charge it may help the client to make an informed decision.

  • Select the Jury For the Trial: The defense attorney has the opportunity to assist with the jury selection before the trial. And through this, the defense attorney will also have the opportunity of dismissal of any potential jurors that may seem to be prejudiced, biased, or having any discriminatory thought.

  • Deals with the sentencing of the Client: If the defendant is convicted by the jury then sentencing begin and the criminal attorney attempts to reduce the sentencing or the punishment, and if the client is successful in reducing the sentence and the jurors find that the punishment is so harsh then the jury can reduce the sentence. 


Criminal lawyers in Texas have a proven record of success and thus have expertise in dealing with criminal cases, so it’s always a better choice to hire a criminal lawyer to present the case. Click Here to know more.

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