Creating Content For Every Stage Of Your Sales Funnel

by Aman Srivastava Content Writer

Before committing to a sales call, buyers undergo a research and assessment process of the product or service being considered for purchase. 

Because modern customers are knowledgeable and more capable than ever, it is essential to understand your consumer profile and their journey. This will enable you to produce content that assists customers while simultaneously establishing you as an expert in your field.

Even though content creation is an essential component of marketing to build your brand, engage with your prospects, and enhance your reputation more efficiently and successfully. Moreover, marketers cannot just produce any content and expect it to be successful with all of their customers. For this reason, creating content tailored to each buyer's profile and the sales stage is of the utmost importance.

Understanding The Sales Funnel

The term "sales funnel," also known as "marketing funnel," refers to the many steps in the journey a customer undertakes before making a purchase. These stages can include going through your website, signing up for your email list, going through your emails, speaking with a salesperson, etc..

The operation of the funnel may be explained in easy steps. The marketing efforts focused on luring potential customers to your company are located at the apex of the sales funnel. It is an indication that prospects are farther away from making a purchase choice. The prospects that reach the bottom of the funnel have already made up their minds about buying.

Your first objective should be converting leads into customers. According to a 2018 Hubspot survey, just 69% of marketers believe lead conversion should be their primary goal. Marketing efforts are futile if salespeople never follow up with prospects, no matter how good your sales funnel is.

It is often the marketing team's responsibility to captivate your buyer profile at the start of their journey. Then it passes qualified prospects along to the sales crew so that they may interact with those prospects. When a person becomes your business client, the goal of your customer service department should be to exceed that person's expectations so that they will continue doing business with you and recommend you to their friends.

Significance of a Sales Funnel

You can see your clients' journey using a sales funnel before they decide to purchase from your company. When you analyze your sales funnel, you'll know how it works and what doesn't. It will also assist you in finding gaps in the various phases of your sales funnel (where leads drop out and don't become clients).

Knowing how your sales funnel works will allow you to influence how clients go through it and whether they become buyers. Your customers' thoughts and actions at each level in the sales funnel can also be analyzed, allowing you to engage in marketing activities. This attracts more prospects, produces more relevant messaging at each sales funnel stage, and closes more deals.

Creating Content For Your Sales Funnel Stages

Sales funnels are a crucial part of your overall marketing and sales plan. It is possible to improve your company’s promotional strategy using this funnel. Without one, you run the chance of squandering time on either inefficient or wrong content.

The goal of creating content for the sales funnel is to move each potential customer through the various stages of the sales process as quickly as possible. Creating such content has its unique challenges. While specific content categories may overlap throughout stages, some should be reserved for particular stages.

  1. Awareness Stage

The objective of this stage is to pique the curiosity of your target audience. With a giant funnel, you can attract more individuals who may be interested in what you have to offer.

In the awareness phase, compelling content inspires interest in your product line or specific brand and makes your audience curious about your products.

Types of content to create in the awareness phase:

  • Create brand experiences: Discuss your why, purpose, vision, and ambitions.

  •  Introduce your product: What it is, what issues it answers, and your key selling point.

  1. Interest Stage

The sales funnel's interest stage is often the longest. During this period, potential buyers thoroughly research your product, compare it to that of competitors, read customer reviews and pricing comparisons, and determine the best way to purchase.

The audience is more likely to buy your product or service if you provide relevant and valuable content throughout this sales process.

Types of content to create in the engagement stage:

  • Mentioning your industry: The most recent developments in the market and other relevant information.

  • Addressing your audience's pain points: Guidance in the form of articles and tutorials.

  • What you're promoting: Educating customers on the product's characteristics, distinctiveness, and selling points.

  1. Desire Stage

The prospect must connect emotionally with your product as they know about your solution and your competitors. Your content should develop the desire and conviction that your product will improve their lives or business.

You may use video content to display to genuine consumers and explain your product or service. 

Other Desire stage content ideas include:

  • Customer feedback

  • In-depth blog postings on your solution's advantages

  • Customer testimonials

  1. Action Phase

The action stage or purchase phase of the sales funnel is the narrowest component of the funnel because many prospects drop off in the transition. 

Now that the potential buyers in this stage have the knowledge they need to decide, they need your help to take action. Your content must reassure them that they are making the right decision by contemplating a purchase.

Types of content to create in the engagement stage:
  • Transactional messaging (e.g., drip marketing)

  • Demonstrating how you have made an impact on other customers or how they used your products

  • Promotional communications, any campaigns, offers, etc., you might be running.


Tracking and optimizing each piece of content in your sales funnel stages can help you increase your bottom line. Reassess your marketing approach and keep looking for ways to enhance it. 

Employing professional writing services can assist in this process to have the most significant possible impact on your customer relationships and the highest potential increase in your conversions.

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