Creating a roadmap that sets your digital transformation up for success

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The journey toward digital maturity is not easy for anyone, but it is especially challenging for digital-first companies. Hotels and numerous businesses must also evolve iteratively in order to keep up with the speed of emerging technologies despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping up with a constantly changing competitive landscape requires constant learning and pivoting. Digital transformation requires significant investments and time despite its critical nature. Outsourcing allows you to manage resource allocation without sacrificing other aspects of your business.

A digital transformation services company is a third-party company that can assist in the development, deployment, and maintenance of IT infrastructure. If a company requires significant digitization in new infrastructure, a digital transformation services provider can assist the organization in completing the process efficiently and without frustration.

What are the key benefits of using outsourcing web development in digital transformation?

Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing digital transformation.

Available Experience and Expertise

Digital transformation necessitates a wide range of technology and subject knowledge.  

It is a good idea to have a plan in place before you start. A third-party vendor can connect you with experts in both mature and emerging technologies. 

Risk Reduction

This becomes more difficult when the project involves technologies or solutions that your team is unfamiliar with. The risk of this is also shared by the third-party digital transformation services provider

Practical experience in a variety of domains

As an example, digital transformation in banking may differ significantly from that in education. Implementing digital technology in a specific industry necessitates specialized knowledge. 

Cost and time effectiveness

When you outsource, you can avoid purchasing expensive licenses, software/hardware, and paying for rentals and other office facilities. Your project will be completed on time and with minimal disruptions.

Digital transformation roadmap for success

Digital transformation is a lengthy process that requires organizations to be patient even when they have a solid strategy in place. Any digital transformation roadmap must be built with the goal of eliminating problems by ensuring clear goal-setting, communication, and collaboration. Here are five essential elements of a smooth transition.

1. Gather and analyze data

Data is an organization's lifeblood. Data is often underutilized because it's not stored in a central location or analyzed with any effectiveness. The first step in any digital journey is to gather data and use it to make informed decisions that result in genuine change.

2. Include CIOs and CTOs

Nearly 75% of CIOs reported that they assisted senior leaders in managing the crisis from both a technological, as well as an operational, perspective. Two-thirds of these CIOs gained operational knowledge that they can use to help leaders in the future. Based on these findings, it is clear that CIOs and CTOs must play a larger role in overall business strategy. Management empowers innovators by making them responsible for core aspects of the business.

3. Set insight-driven goals

To guide the transformation process, establish goals and objectives that are precise, practical, and measurable. Setting goals can help your business position itself for success and get real ROI more quickly.

Consider your digital transformation initiative's ultimate goal. What ideal result do you hope to get from taking this journey? You can identify the stepping stones your team must take to reach the finish line by setting your sights on the finish line, even if this goal seems far away.

Segmenting your roadmap can make it easier for your team to manage the transformation. You can reorganize and evaluate your strategy at each stage because it gives you a more manageable task. You can confirm that you're still on course and, if necessary, make adjustments.

4. Create a transformation-ready culture

If your team does not recognize the value of the new procedures and technology, it will be difficult to motivate them to care about the outcome. Effectively convey the need for change and how digital technology can increase productivity and efficiency. Be specific when explaining to your team how the new systems will help them manage their work or how they can lessen stress and complications.

Give your team a chance to share opinions, raise issues, and suggest ways to improve implementation, particularly if some team members appear reluctant to use new technology.

Take the time to respond to inquiries or address problems before they become overwhelming, and look for chances to involve your team in the transformation planning process. 

5. Invest in agile project management

Agile project management is centered on establishing a cooperative setting for putting new ideas into practice, testing them, and responding to change. Despite the importance of a predetermined plan, agile project management offers opportunities for regular review and modification in response to team needs. To improve the entire implementation process, you would gather feedback from your team after each change to determine what worked and what didn't work.


Businesses can unlock and drive new opportunities and insights when they leverage customer data and make it accessible across a centralized platform. After all, organizations attempting to undergo a digital transformation must change the minds, hearts, and hands of their workforce (how they do their work). It is understandable that the individual and group adaptations needed by leaders and employees in the digital age frequently feel overwhelming. Leaders need to understand the anxiety that staff members experience as they struggle with the complexity and change brought on by the digital transformation. The possibility of achieving a common goal eventually helps to unite and inspire people.

Different mindsets and behaviors from those required in the past are needed from leaders to successfully navigate the arduous digital transformation journey.  Your users will need detailed guidance and support right from the start to ensure their safe and timely arrival, even if there are holdups along the way.

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