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Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is one of the newly discovered viruses that have created a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 originated from some animals like bats, pigs, and is a highly infectious disease. In humans, it largely infects the respiratory tract where patients can experience mild, moderate to lethal respiratory illness. This outbreak started from the Wuhan district of China in a seafood market that has a track record of selling different animals for consumption. COVID-19 is a global concern today and has been reported to spread to 210 countries and territories worldwide.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Mild and moderate illness can be cured without special treatment and symptoms usually include common cold which can have other possible causes namely-rhinoviruses. While lethal coronavirus can cause MERS, SARS, and COVID-19. Symptoms in humans include fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pain, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, etc. Normally it takes five to six days for the person to show the traits and signs of being infected after having received it from the infected individual, in some cases it may even take longer up to 14 days.

People who are at Risk

Generally, older people between the age group of 50 and over are more vulnerable and at a high risk of getting COVID-19. Older adults or those individuals with a weakened immune system or existing chronic medical conditions can get serious illnesses from his virus. Complications in older people include Pneumonia in both lungs, organ failure. No evidence has been found yet that children are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Mode of Transmission

  1. Coming in close contact with the infected person
  2. Primarily through tiny droplets of the infected person like saliva, discharge from the nose while sneezing, coughing.


Currently, there are no specific vaccines or therapy available for the treatment of COVID-19, however, WHO is conducting many ongoing trials for coming up with potential treatments. The best way to avoid COVID-19 and slow down the pandemic is by staying at home and quarantining yourself.  In cases of urgency or the situation arises where you are compelled to go out it is necessary to carry a mask, sanitizing your hands regularly every time you touch something and not touching your face.

In case you are doubtful you have been infected it would be wise on your path to take utmost precaution. Consult the doctor immediately and self-isolation may be helpful to spread the infection to other members. Another safety measure is social distancing when you are in public places, washing hands repetitively or an alcohol-based sanitizer (60% alcohol).

Based on the current scenario Allegiant Airlines is committed to taking the utmost protection and care while evaluating the travel waiver policies.

Whether you have an upcoming trip that has already been booked or canceled flights between March, April, May Allegiant Airlines cancellation policies are equally working to process updates and assures that your eCredits are safe and secured.

To make any Allegiant flight changes before the due date, the airlines have taken steps to remain more flexible regarding travel changes, fee waivers, etc. Your credit will be automatically applicable for May 2022. Allegiant Airlines Flights are taking active measures to ensure that the new expiration dates are on display so that customers can find their eCredits.

If you have any question or your trips have been impacted by a coronavirus and wants to learn more about the Airlines simplified waiver policies on their upcoming flights you can check out Allegiant Airlines today.

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