Courtyard Garden Design Ideas

by Maria Williams Online Marketing Specialist

When you think of a courtyard garden design, usually, the idea of a shady, calm, and dim place comes to mind. While it’s true that courtyard gardens have lots of complex structural elements, e.g. containers, paving, fences, and walls, they can be so much more. 


You can transform a courtyard of any size into a cozy and classy garden area that not only looks amazing but is also a place where you will want to spend your downtime.


Designing a Stunning Courtyard Garden


Courtyard gardens are relatively limited in design and customization, but you can certainly create something unique with a bit of creativity. Following are some ideas that will help you design a stunning courtyard garden:


Keep it Simple


Courtyards are usually tiny, confined spaces. So, to achieve a more balanced setting, it is recommended that you limit the number of elements you include. Only add the essentials, e.g. statement palms, chic seating, etc.


Create Living Walls


Even if your courtyard has soil, you may still want to take advantage of the vertical space available. To maximize space, it is highly recommended that you utilize your courtyard walls. Hang containers on walls or climb plants up them. You can also train vines to do the same. Living walls will surely add an extra spark to your courtyard garden.


Try Dwarf Trees


Because of the usually limited space of courtyards, dwarf trees are an excellent choice. Not only do they create shade, but they also add a tall element to the garden.


Find a Theme


An enclosed, small space like a courtyard is an ideal venue for a theme garden. A Japanese garden is a great choice. It could include bonsai trees in containers, bamboo, a Zen rock garden, and more.


Use Evergreen Shrubs


Tiny, evergreen shrubs are an excellent choice for a courtyard garden. This is because they grow well in containers and provide excellent value for money, thanks to their year-round greenery.


Put in a Fountain


If you wish to add a classic element to your courtyard garden, it may be good to put it in a fountain. Be sure to choose the one that fits the scale of your courtyard comfortably and doesn’t look too loud or big.


Swing Low


Add some overhead protection to your courtyard garden so that it offers shelter from the sun and elements. You can do this in several ways. For example, you can use simple outdoor blinds, polycarbonate sheeting, or shade sails, or you can choose high-end options like retractable awnings or adjustable roof systems.


Designing a courtyard garden can be done in virtually any way. Your customization is limited only by the conditions in your courtyard, e.g. sunlight, lack of soil, space, etc. So design around these, and create the courtyard garden of your dreams. 


Designing a courtyard garden is a fun challenge. However, if you don’t feel like doing this yourself, you can always take advantage of courtyard garden design services.


Contact Brian Fuller from Leaf Stone Water for more information.


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