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When students are expected to think critically & needed recall their prior knowledge to solve the problem. Then games help them as reinforcement to connect their concept with the real world. There are so many games that can be used to clarify the concepts more by game-based learning. Board Games can provide students with opportunities to apply concepts, retrieve concepts and use them in sentences while speaking without any fear.

By using games that support the curriculum educators can facilitate students to experience play during learning & promoting student’s achievement as well. They provide a fun way to learn and give the concept easier to understand. Instead of many hours for worksheets especially for the kids . They can practise and play with good result. Board Games promote collaboration, interaction, inquiry and critically thinking etc. Inboards games we can predict, apply the rules and observe the consequences of rules. As we have an exciting board game in which learners can improve concept of countable & uncountable noun through Countable and Uncountable board games and increase their vocabulary as well.

How Countable & Uncountable Game is effective to use in your classroom

Games are useful for language learning or English speaking learning (ESL). Teachers can use board games to create a fun way to learn. This Countable & uncountable nouns game is useful for teaching the difference between the two nouns. It motivates learners to learn those nouns which we can count and which we cannot count just measure. It is very difficult for kids at the primary level especially to identify the difference between them. Therefore educators should use such teaching strategies to avoid dullness in the classroom while learning.

Countable & uncountable board games can make the classroom or learning environment more interesting. Because games attract student’s attention and develop an interest in learning.It can change any bore or complex subject or concept into an amazing & interesting subject. Therefore the use of board games as countable & uncountable provides opportunities for the learner to practice and review the English vocabulary, grammar and enable to make sentences.It makes students confident & fully motivated to recall his prior knowledge, associate & ask queries about the concept or any noun without any hesitation. Students are able to differentiate after practice & realize their past mistakes which help them to rectify. Students can relate to others said nouns with their noun game. It is so motivational when goals are associated while learning but in a game way. It decreases boredom which is usually witnessed while writing on worksheets. This game can be played in a group setting or pair setting. They learn knowledge, skill as well as attitude during the game. Students learn how to interact with their fellow students. It will increase positive competition in a meaningful way if the teacher sets some rules before playing it to control a student’s behavior. Scores, positive feedback & relevant answers should be associated with the game. This game enables students to present the concept of countable & uncountable nouns with examples also. In the childhood, stage students are full of energy, passion, imagination curiosity so these traits should not be wasted at all. Student’s psychology and their learning difficulties should be considered so board games as countable & uncountable games can be made a teacher’s effective tool while the concept of a noun is teaching.


Why Countable & uncountable Noun game is so effective for kids

       It is enjoyable.

       It is goal-directed.

       It is easy to understand.

       It is cost-effective.

       It has attractive visual aids as images are used to identify that which are countable and which are uncountable.

       It is suitable for childhood kids at 3 to 5 grades.

       It is also used to develop a student’s interest towards remembering, understanding, and also applying nouns properly.

       It increases learner’s vocabulary.

       It provides opportunities to understand the concept of count & uncountable nouns.

       It improves student’s grammar during the playing game.

       It enables the student to assess by himself from their failure and learn how to win by their own learning.

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