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by David M. Where News Comes First

There is absolutely no one in the world who doesn’t like being rewarded and recognized for the hard work they do and the same holds true for employees of your workplace as well. Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of an employee’s efforts, hard work and behavior at the workplace that have contributed to the organization’s success and objectives in some way. Both things are very important: recognizing and acknowledging these efforts, as well as rewarding employees for their fruitful efforts.

What is so good about corporate awards and gifts? Everybody knows achievement gives a person a sense of pride and accomplishment. What might not be as well understood is that it's the recognition that makes much of the difference. By using awards and gifts in your office, you can encourage your employees to work hard and to achieve more. By giving a well- performing employee an award, you not only stimulate further improvement in him, but the rest of the office as well, because they will want the same recognition.

Corporate awards and gifts really work. It may sound simplistic, childish even, but the fact is people feel more appreciated and work harder as a result when they know their peers and superiors are recognizing their achievements. Sometimes it's difficult to show that recognition in a way that other people in the office will also notice. That's why giving your employees an award or gift can be so effective. The gift is by way of saying, "Thanks for a job well done!" and the corporate award is a lasting artifact, which can be displayed forever.

If you're not sure that a corporate award and gift would work in your office, think again. What's on the walls of successful executives' offices and even on the walls of every lawyer's office? That's right. Every award they were ever given, starting with the one they got for finishing school. It never fails. Successful people like to achieve, and they like people to know of their achievements. Using corporate awards and gifts makes that possible, and it gives them motivation by providing them with something their paycheck just can't buy.

When you give out awards and gifts, make a show of it. It is best to be presented during company dinner and dance to your valued employees. Tell them why they're receiving the award and be sure to thank them for their hard work. Also, be sure to let them know how much they're appreciated at the office, and how you know they'll continue to succeed. This little ceremony of presentation is as much for the other employees in the office as it is for the employee you're giving it to.

When employees see one of their colleagues being praised for their hard work in such a formal way, they too will want to do well and earn a corporate award and gift. So, make no secret about awarding achievement around the office. Corporate awards and gifts are excellent ways to stimulate efficiency and performance at any company.

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