Conversion Therapy Leader coming out, this phrase is no longer a surprise for society.

by Dorano V. Professional PR since 2010

In recent times, several supporters of the controversial practice of changing an individuals’ gender identity have come out as gay. Last year, in June 2019 McKrae Game came out as gay. The headlines about the founder of one of the nation’s largest conversion therapy blazed the nation by surprise. 

The man who founded prominent conversion therapy groups under the "Hope for Wellness" and led it for 20 years came out, almost 2 years after being removed from the organization he founded.

Game was fired from the organization because of his Facebook post stating that his organization, sabotaged generations of people. According to the interview posted by The Post and Courier of Charleston, with Game, he is facing the consequences of revelation until today. 6 months have passed, Game is still struggling with consequence. 


Many names have been given to Conversion therapy, some call is reparative therapy and some “ex-gay therapy. A precise definition would be it is the quasi-scientific and sometimes religious practice that aims to bring a shift in the sexual orientation of an individual. Major medical associations have condemned the practice of conversion therapy programs. This therapy with spiked rates of suicide attempts. Narrating his coming out story, Game told that Christianity and homosexuality didn’t complement each other while he was growing up in South Carolina as Southern Baptist. They were convinced that heterosexuality was a license to heaven. 


World-Renowned LGBTQ activist Samuel Brinton, a survivor of conversion therapy was anything but astonished with McKrae’s confession. In his words, conversion therapies are treacherous for humanity. Thanks to Game’s project, he has truly emotionally traumatized many LGBTQ youth. Samuel even added that it is highly anticipated that many formerly illustrious “ex-gay” experts that have come out because they have been selling hoax service.  


Conversion Therapy aims at false advertising, as it is subjected as a business perspective. The conversion therapy programs are not only noxious for youth, also stealing money from Not only is it harming youth, it is stealing money from amiable parents who intend to save their kids’ lives.


This coming out of closet is not restricted to Game. Almost two years ago, a South Florida Conversion Therapist, Norman Goldwasser was accused to use hookup sites via hoax name. There was another citation where a famous conversion therapist from New Jersey came out of the closet by posting it on his Facebook wall. 


In the year 2014, National Center For Lesbian Rights published textual matter from several former conversion therapists demanding a prohibition of conversion therapy. Based on their understanding of Christianity, many ex-gay activists believed that there was something morally wrong about being part of LGBT community. They also believed that the gender identity of an individual could be changed somehow.  Sample videos in the following website


But now they know better, they have learnt. Guess, they were preaching what they have been taught that sexual identity could be changed. They grew in a world which stated LGBT was mentally sick, lust driven and displeasing to GOD.


Thanks to society reforms, now they know conversion therapy is a parasite in our society. It is not only harmful but a feckless practice. 

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