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by Ricky Makan Co-Founder at Unkrypted

One of the essential Advantages of Blockchain Technologies is that the available options in the ways that consumers can maintain control over their resources and earnings across in their own fields of endeavor.

The entire technological system, anywhere Blockchain is applied, whether discovered or not, the chances for confidential management and revenue generation are instinctively inbuilt elements. These fundamental features are playing a massive part in the amount of adoption which the technology has obtained so far.

Blockchain is a pro-user technology

The numerous products that Clutter the industry and are enabling users to enjoy the profits mentioned above and they stay as unarguable evidence to the reality that Blockchain is indeed a user-centric technology that’s changing the way things are done. These existing proofs function as resources of confidence to users who even go so far as embracing solutions that are still in their early stages of growth.

Since the first day of Blockchain technology along with the primary Blockchain token that is Bitcoin, numerous benefits are enjoyed on an international level. The transfer of information and transactions utilizing the Blockchain prevents users from dependence on banks and intermediaries, and this lets them get back control of the processes, improve privacy and get the full advantages without unnecessary fees. These days, the community understands the elongated viability of Blockchain technology and how people can use already existing redundant assets to provide alternatives while producing direct revenue for their own from the process.

Increasing client’s benefit

In this current era of smart technologies, data collecting and transfer is now an important element of our everyday lives. Weather forecasts, traffic jamming, regional maps and navigational tools etc, have all become important information which may be retrieved via remote appliances like mobile phones or other digital gadgets. These data are often extracted from consumer’ appliances, most often without their information and spread through the central part in the form of cellular subscribers. Blockchain technology enables startups such as Streamr to allow consumers to tokenize their particular information that’s accumulated by their own land and also market such information for monetary benefits. This system enables its users to ascertain the magnitude of privacy and access degree that they can allow while getting the full rewards to their solutions.

An additional business is the A2P SMS deliveries utilized by companies to send messages in the form of notifications for bookings, one-time passwords, authentication codes, etc.. This support is increasing in popularity and at the same time becoming an essential part of our everyday lives by using the Blockchain, firms like Birdchain is empowering Blockchain community members to use their unused and endless text messages to power A2P services and get rewarded in return. All these Blockchain A2P SMS systems may also function to decrease the total cost of sending messages since the conventional maintenance of hefty infrastructure will become unnecessary and significantly reduced.

A lot of different products exist around the Blockchain and give various solutions to humanity; nevertheless, decentralization is constant with its promise of providing the people from unreasonable and organized management, while still offering them the chance to generate profit also.  Lendoit which permits Blockchain lending, Gladius that safeguards from DDoS attacks, SelfKey which improves identity management and Network element which decentralizes the gaming sector are just some of the several projects bouncing up to enable their customers into regaining management and earning profits from their actions.

A tool for emancipation

In the technological environment, Blockchain can be considered as the innovation which like the Internet, is out to redefine paradigms and release the people from the chains of the old order.

In fact, this comes out to be the real power of decentralization. The reality is that users across the world can be associated on a particular platform, and independently add assets towards solving particular problems, demonstrating a democracy where control is decentralized down to the fundamental level and so is revenue sharing and rewards.


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