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What are Consumer Complaints?

Consumer Complaints are classified as grievances and dissatisfaction set forth on the part of the consumer responsible for the purchase of a particular product or service within the commercial market, which is defined as the venue in which the consumer law process and procedure regulates  the facilitation of business activities.

As a result, the implementation of a system congruent to commercial operation is classified as both the provision of a product or service, as well as the purchase of that product or service – this can include both the provision, as well as the purchase of products and services.

Interactions taking place between a consumer and a vendor – one who provides products and services for purchase – are regulated within the scope of commercial and consumer legality; interactions perceived to be absent of legality, ethics, and constitutionality may result in Consumer Complaints.

Consumer Complaints Fact #1

The nature of Consumer Complaints is expansive

Within the realm of consumer law – in addition to the various institutions and legality employed in order to protect the rights of a consumer engaging within the commercial marketplace reside the fundamental precept in which the statutory legality inherent within commercial and consumer activity be preserved.

As a result, Consumer Complaints can exist with regard to the vast expanse of commerce taking place in modernity; typically, Consumer Complaints can range from the overall grievance with regard to a product or service, to a highly-specified component of an individual product or service.

Consumer Complaints
Fact #2

Consumer Law – as well as Commercial Law and Competition Law – protect the rights of the consumer

Consumer Law is the legal field whose primary jurisdictional responsibility is the regulation, oversight, and review of any and all actions undertaken on a commercial basis involving interaction between consumers and vendors; consumer complaints are typically measured in accordance with the statutory legislation expressed within consumer law

Commercial Law is a legal field responsible for the regulation of a variety of businesses, methods of commerce, and commercial undertakings that occur in a particular area or region; these types of commercial institutions will typically range in size, staff, service, and industry; the standards and practices expressed within statutory legality will oftentimes substantiate the validity of consumer complaints

Competition Law, to which some refer as ‘Antitrust Law’ regulates the legal oversight with regard to the stipulations and statutes expressed within competing businesses and enterprise within the commercial marketplace; this institution of preventative measures, which disallow for unlawful violation of consumer rights mandate consumer complaints with regard to commercial monopolization

Consumer Complaints
Fact #3

Consumer Complaints are not inherently synonymous with Defamation

In the event that a consumer has undergone presumed grievances resulting from a negative experience within the commercial market, they are permitted to express their dissatisfaction through the expression of Consumer Complaints; in accordance with the constitutionality of free expression, Consumer Complaints are considered to be a right granted to every citizen of the United States.


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