Condos vs Townhouses? Which One Should you Buy?

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For the first-time homebuyers, a condo, and townhouse are both great options for starter homes. Apartment suites (A condo) and townhouses are normally more moderate than semi-separated and confined houses, particularly in enormous urban areas (the likes of Bangkok, etc). They've become increasingly wanted considering the high land costs across the country.

But before starting off with the comparisons, it’s ideal to clarify what a condo really means, and what makes it different from a conventional house setup? A condo (condominium) basically refers to a manner of ownership of a suite/house. So naturally, it means you are the owner of every single object inside the walls of your property.

A coop (cooperative) means you own shares in the corporation that collectively owns the entire building or even a full society. But when we state townhouse, we mean an apartment suite townhouse (not a freehold townhouse). Both have main expenses and an apartment suite company is also involved.

Since we have established the essential contrast between a condo and a townhouse, how about we investigate the 12 key elements of comparisons between the two? That way you can know what suits your needs in the best possible manner.


#1 Comparison: Space

A Condo will, based on your choice, can have more or less space than a townhouse, usually with more luxuries. If you have a small family than a condo will require less space and will be much more suited to your needs in that aspect. In the meantime, a townhouse will, in general, have more space. Apartment suites (condos) therefore are much better for couples or nuclear families, whereas townhouses will, in general, be better for large group families. As a result, floor planning becomes much easier when purchasing a condo.

#2 Comparison: The Experience

A condominium unit has the sentiment of an inn or high rise including lifts, attendant/security administration, shared civilities. At the same time, a townhouse will give you that conventional, simple feeling of a regular house. You have that same experience owning a townhouse that you get being a mortgage holder. To put it simply, Condo by definition should be providing you a more unique and lavish experience than a townhouse.

#3 Comparison: Property Pricing

Almost all the townhouses will, in general, be worth more than a condo. This should come as no surprise since they are meant to be for bigger families. Now, bigger families require bigger space, which then naturally leads to a need for owning more square feet, and that finally ends up costing significantly more than a condo. As established before, if you are looking to accommodate a small family, then a condo is the better choice for you.

#4 Comparison: Responsibility

In case you're searching for fewer obligations, an apartment suite (that is, a Condo) might be your best choice. Owning a condo from a company has almost no obligations, especially not the complex ones. Townhouses don't have a ton either, yet you might be liable for certain zones like the patio and housetop (for example cleaning the show). So with a townhouse, you are also responsible for the damage that occurs to any of the objects within it.

#5 Comparison: Security

Since the company can’t risk its reputation, hence a Condo will have a more elevated level of security (such as pre-installed fire alarms, standby generators, etc) than a townhouse. Apartment suites may have dandies for getting to the parking structure and a secure work area out front. Townhouses will usually have less security. You can regularly access the main floor and they will not have a devoted security individual (however there can be watchmen and a similar level of security).

#6 Comparison: Flooding

Environmental change has made flooding a greater amount of an issue, especially depending on where you live. Apartment suites don't will, in general, be at risk for being overwhelmed in case of flooding hazard. In the interim, townhouses might be affected by flooding, particularly on the chance that they have a cellar. Consequently, you may likewise require extra protection inclusion that incorporates overland flooding.

#7 Comparison: Number of Floors/Levels

With a Condominium, there's typically just one level, while with a townhouse there's normally various levels or floors. In the event that you have portability issues, you're a senior or physically handicapped, the quantity of levels is an interesting point. So in case you are looking for higher convenience points, owning a Condo is a clear winner in that regard.

#8 Comparison: Rooftop

With a townhouse, most units have possessed housetops/outside space, while with a condo, there might up an option/availability of an individual housetop or not. Generally, owning a Condop will mean a building that has a mutual rooftop for every one of the units.

#9 Comparison: Structure

The most widely recognized setup of a Condo is that of a Condo inside a complex. An apartment can be transformed into a Condo when somebody can claim the inside space of that condo and together possess the spaces outside of it (e.g., lobbies, practice rooms, parking garages or carports, pools, the structure's rooftop).

A townhouse is not an apartment, it’s a house worked inside a column of associated houses. Depending on where it is in the line, a townhouse shares a couple of dividers with different homes. Most have a little lawn and front yard.


In Conclusion:

Now let’s say that Financial capacity is a factor to be considered, then it’s a safe bet to declare that owning a Condo, in that case, is a much better choice. On the other hand, if you can afford to buy both, then it becomes a matter of convenience. You can choose to live in a Condo with your partner and two other members with all the pre-installed essentials. And if your preference is to live with any more members than four, then a townhouse presents you with a better choice.

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