Complete Guide On Tyre Safety

by Alex Jones Tyre Sales

If life were predictable, it would cease to be life and be without flavour, though not all flavours are sweet and soothing. You can also come across bitter and disturbing flavours as well. In life, these flavours are incidents. Incidents that teach you how to deal with situations and how to pull yourself out of them. With time you also learn about the things you need to refrain from to avoid the bitter flavour of mishaps and sadness.

It might not be true for some, but the majority of people feel low when anything happens to their vehicles. To some their car is their most prized possession, something they had a set a goal on and now cherish the prize, while to some it may just be a regular possession that they use for travelling daily or leisure trips. In either case, disturbance and a reason to stop unnecessarily is something everyone wants to avoid.

Tyres are something that have been known to create an issue for a long time now. Though you can’t blame the tyres for that; it is your ignorance towards their maintenance that has damaged them over time and has resulted in being an unwanted issue. Keep reading to know what should be avoided to keep your tyres in good condition as well as how to keep yourself safe, from injury and legal consequences as well.

Tyre Laws

First and foremost check that your tyres are of suitable type and size as recommended for your car. Over time, tyres lose their gripping ability, as the tread wears down, and become a danger for your safety. It is risky to drive on wet roads and snow with such tyres and should be avoided.

The legal limit of tread depth is 1.6mm, whereas, it is suggested to change your tyres once they’re below 3mm. You can be fined up to £2,500 and three penalty points on your driving license.

Tyre Information

Before you go and buy a new set of tyres, make sure you know your car’s requirements and recommended tyre details. Not only should you check them for correct type and size but also check:

Maximum Load Index

Tread Wear (with further temperature grades)

Speed Symbol

Manufactured from a trusted brand

Tyre Inflation

Air pressure is a neglected yet important aspect that is forgotten but matters when it comes to tyre condition and life. Both, under and over inflation, is harmful to your tyres and should be avoided.

Under-inflation results in more tyre tread to come in contact with the road. This results in the generation of extra heat, which causes faster wear and tear on the tyres. Over-inflation isn’t good either as it reduces the contact area of the tyre and road surface, which results in uneven wear and reduction in control.

Keep a regular check on your tyres and refill air whenever need. Check your car’s owner manual or the sticker, on the driver-side door, to know the recommended air pressure. In some cases, the sticker can be found on the fuel cap.

Ageing Tyres

Ageing is something that is time relevant. This should be enough to tell you that you can’t control it no matter how much you try to. An ageing tyre could be an accident minutes away, and should not be ignored as it can have drastic results. Keep an eye for the following indications to spot an ageing tyre:

Vibrations from wheels when you drive

Deformed shape

Tread is distorted

Tyre walls are cracking

A tyre older than six years, even stored ones, should not even be considered for usage as it is already past its expected life. Some reasons of deterioration are:

Tyres used on spare wheels

Tyres on old and unused cars

Tyres affected by saline in coastal areas

Tyres used in caravan and trailers

Tyres that are not being used and are stored in garages

Tyres that have worn out due to inadequate cleaning products

Fake Tyres

Avoid buying cheap tyres as there is a possibility they might be fake. In research, it was found that over 25% of cars being driven had at least one fake tyre. These tyres were found to be of poor quality and did not match the level of safety with original tyres either. Braking, overall build, quality, speed and life of original Car service Derby are way better than what the fake tyres had to offer.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% as to how you react to it. Be attentive and keep an eye on your car tyres’ condition and you will be avoiding a large number of mishaps unknowingly. If you have any queries or issue that you need to get fixed, contact or visit us at Motorwurks, and our technicians are sure to provide you with a solution to all your issues.

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