Comparing two Denture Implants Methods: Supported vs. Traditional

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In concern to tooth loss, we always care our patients to get covered! We understand how uncomfortable it could be to lose teeth; all your choice foods get harder to eat, and also lose the certain beauty of your smile, you may start to feel different about your appearance. When looking Family Dentistry, we want to provide our patients realistic look at what tooth replacement seems like in all of its various forms. Here we are providing comparisons of two of the most working tooth replacement choice on the market today provided on this page i.e.

(i) Dental implant supported dentures

(ii) Traditional dentures.

Dental Implant Supported Denture:

Dental implant supported dentures give the permanent, non-removable, tooth replacement option to the patients that are supported by dental implants. These are placed into the bone of your jaw through surgery and if you take good care of them, it will remain lifetime with you.

Traditional Dental Dentures:

The removable tooth replacement option i.e. traditional Denture treatment Pennsylvania provide same look and feel as your real teeth. Keep remembering to remove and wash Traditional dentures (made of an acrylic substance) from your mouth when you are going to sleep.

Implant-Supported Denture merits and demerits:


Dental implant tooth replacement solutions actually going to give you best comfort in the long-term, for a number of reasons.

1. A long-lasting and permanent tooth replacement choice i.e. Implant supported dentures makes your desire get completed effectively.

2. They imitate your natural teeth in form and working and provide ease to take care with simple brushing and flossing.

3. Since they are permanent, you can’t remove them and not required to deal with the hassle of denture adhesives.

4. Replacing your natural teeth in a good manner completely that they also provide some oral health benefits by keeping your jaw bone healthy.


When dental implant solutions (considered the best long-term options) to restore missing teeth, on the other hand, a few things patients should know before choosing them:

1. They have a comparatively higher up-front and overall cost because implant supported dentures need to do a surgical placement as well as a decent amount of high-quality parts.

2. The healing process followed by surgery can take a proper amount of time to complete. Healing time for dental implant varies from 2 to 6 months and may require longer if the health of your jaw bone is lacking.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Denture:

Some inherent pros and cons carried by Traditional dentures although followed by a long way from the many decades and have been available.


Traditional Pennsylvania  Denture treatment must have a few things working in their favour when compared to other more existing tooth loss solution.

· Dentures are an affordable way to replace teeth in form as well as function.

· Returning back your ability to eat and speak as you did always.


While they provide an affordable reliant solution to tooth loss, yet come with some significant drawbacks in traditional dentures.

· In order to clean dentures, you do remove them from your mouth as well as use a specified toothbrush to keep them clean.

· Prior to going to sleep, you must store the dentures in either a glass of water or denture soaking solution.

· In case dentures become uncomfortable over time, you may need to have another set of dentures.

· Dentures adhesives holding them in place, which can be messy and a little annoying to place.

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