Common Pallet Packing Mistakes to Avoid

by Martina Bonn Technology

Do you know what you need to do in pallet packing? Planning, paying close attention to detail, and adhering to particular protocols are necessary while packing products on pallets. When packing products, staff members should exercise caution and take all the required safety precautions. On occasion, certain employees will make packing mistakes. These mistakes may result in lost goods, damaged pallets, and even accidents at work. Here will know how to avoid these typical pallet packing mistakes to ensure safe product delivery:

Label errors

Remember to label all of your shipments. Ensure your New Wood Pallets are labeled with every relevant detail, such as shipping instructions and safety warnings. There should be a label to say if the products are fragile or unsafe to stack. Additionally, pallets should list the consignee.

Choosing the wrong pallet

The pallet itself serves as the first step in the pallet packaging process. Reusing old pallets for your shipments may be desirable, but you could run into trouble if you don't consider their structural stability. Pallets with cracked boards or visible nail heads should not be used.

Pallets made of different materials may also provide some problems. Although wooden pallets are still the norm, metal, plastic, and corrugated pallets, have also started to appear on the market. But not every pallet is made equal. These pallets are good choices for specific specialized applications, but they are not appropriate for many types of freight due to concerns about weight, movement, and pallet strength. You can do some research before you decide to move away from wooden pallets.

Not performing quality checks

In your facility, quality control is a crucial step when working with pallets. To avoid mistakes and reduce product damage during shipment, it is essential to ensure that each pallet and its contents are safe. It is crucial to do quality inspections on each Export Pallets before, during, and after it leaves your warehouse to ensure your company complies with the highest safety standards.

Incorrect sizing

Another common pallet packing mistake to avoid is using the incorrect size pallet. There are many alternatives, but 48 by 40 inches is the standard dimension for pallets. Consider purchasing a different size if you consistently discover that your products won't fit on the pallet, no matter how you arrange them. You can also order pallets in sizes that are not standard.

Skimping on stretch wrap

You should ensure your manual wrapping method is up to par if you do not already utilize a stretch wrap machine. You should watch out for a few typical mistakes. To begin with, confirm that you are sufficiently wrapping the pallet. Around the entire package, at least five wraps should be made. Second, it is important to twist the wrap, which is frequently forgotten. You should twist the wrap for every other spin to make it more durable.

Final Thoughts

Pallet packing could appear easy, yet such mistakes can lead to challenging problems. It is vital to avoid mistakes when packing pallets.

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