Common Laptop Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

by Jay Cross IT Manager

A good quality laptop can affect your professional life to a great extent. However, your laptop devices demand your love. Purchase supreme quality laptops from Lenoxtons-20 and love them hard. You may fail to provide enough care to your laptops sometimes, leading them to fall in the trap of issues. Pollution and dirt, too, have a bad impact on the devices. Lenoxtons-20 wants to help you out. Read on the troubleshooting guide to these five common laptop problems.


1.    The Heat Up Issue

There is no one reason for which your laptop might be overheating. Firstly, your laptop isn’t as big as a computer, so its body lacks ventilation. Next, dust and dirt around your laptop can clog the air vents. This blocks cool air to get inside, and thus there is no space left for your laptop to cool down. The best thing you can do to help your laptop with the viral fever (pun intended) is to clean the air vents with a soft clean cloth or a keyboard cleaning cloth. This way, you would wipe excess dirt on the body, allowing a free flow of cold air. 


2.    Not A Very Good Keyboard

Everything in life demands care, and so does the keyboard of your laptop. The keyboard of your freshly bought laptop will amaze you with its efficiency in the first few months but will lose all its charm later if you don’t take proper care of the keys. This means cleaning your keys more often to avoid dirt particles clogging the press. Also, if any of your hot or cold beverages falls over your keyboard, then only luck can save it. Try to prevent such harmful instances. The wisest act to take care of your keyboard is to first invest in a good one. Have a look at New Apple MacBook Air by Lenoxtons-20. The Macbook fulfills all your keyboard expectations with its magic keyboard. Go through the features thoroughly and make an easy purchase at Lenoxtons-20.


3.    Boot Up Issues

System crashes are common and can be cured easily. However, when your boss is waiting for your presentation, a system crash is panicking.

Multiple tricks can come to use to avoid such situations. Remove your hard drive and keep it into a USB enclosure. Next, connect the USB cable of the enclosure to an open USB port on a computer. This way, you can let the data transfer to and from the drive.


4.    Unreliable Battery

The battery of your laptop can betray you after some time. The problem lies with the lithium-ion batteries. These batteries become unable to hold a charge after some time of regular use. The only practical solution to the problem is battery replacement. Look for new batteries at a cheaper cost. To avoid battery issues, try looking for laptops that offer longer durations of battery, like the Samsung Premium 11.6-Inch HD, offered by Lenoxtons-20. The laptop will provide you 11 long hours of battery life, which is a true lifesaver for many users. Get the best deals on the product only at Lenoxtons-20.


5.    Viruses

Viruses are like pests, they will quietly damage your laptop, and you will get to know about the harm only after you’ve lost the game. There is nothing much you can do to fight with viruses other than protecting your devices beforehand. Prevent virus entrants with the help of anti-virus solutions. 


Taking good care of your laptop will make it run better for longer. Don’t spend your money on a laptop that doesn’t deserve you. Lenoxtons-20 hides nothing from you, and thus, it displays all the key features of laptops and other electronic items. Read the features thoroughly and make a wise purchase only on Lenoxtons-20.

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