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"Do you know how your father and mother are together?"

   One day when my colleagues had a meeting, they suddenly came up with this topic, and everyone spoke enthusiastically. And I was lost in thought.

   To be honest, I have tried to persuade them to divorce for a long time after I was in junior high school, high school, university, and after work. Because from the time I can remember, I have never seen the word love in my parents. I have seen more quarrels.

   My dad worked too long overtime, my mother would be noisy; my dad played cards outside for a long time, my mother would be noisy; my dad always drink, my mother would be noisy; my dad’s money in the wallet is wrong, my mother would be noisy.

   When they were young, they only lowered their voices during the day, and later they also let go of their voices at night. When I was admitted to university, they felt that their lives needed to be changed, so they started arguing unscrupulously at seven in the morning.

  My dad is a man of few words, strong working ability and good popularity. So three hundred and sixty-five days a year, he does not spend more than ten days eating at home. Every time my mother went sour and said that he didn’t care about this family too much, my dad said, “Let the two of you go out for dinner with me, but you won’t, and you will lose your temper when you come back.” My mother was very angry: “Who would Just like you, you go out for every meal after you get married, and every meal after you have a baby. Where is home like? Have you ever cared about me?"

  My dad doesn't speak. I started arguing with my mother: "Daddy said he can take us out to eat together, so let's go out to eat together." I have no concept of family at all. I just think the food in the restaurant is so delicious. I can't finish eating a few dishes. Unlike at home, because there are only two people eating, the dishes are pitiful, and even because of the lack of people, my mother doesn't even care about the appearance of the dishes, just fry them.

   Every time at this time, my dad would tell me: "You can tell your mom." My mom said angrily, "Then you can eat with your dad every day, I don't care about you."

   And I look like you care about it.

   I think they have no love. Otherwise, why don't you even want to be together for dinner?

   When I was in junior high school, whenever I heard that a parent had divorced, everyone would be shocked and felt that that classmate was particularly pitiful. At the beginning, I thought the same way, so when my parents quarreled and talked about divorce, I would cry and be at a loss, and then I promised my mother that I would never make her angry again. I would definitely eat well in the future. Never stand by father's side again. After performing this kind of drama a few times, when I was held in my arms by my mother again, I saw that my father was particularly indifferent, and I suddenly lost my mind. I think the two of them stayed up and down for so many years, why should I join in the fun?

   There are more divorces, which not only hurts our feelings, but also makes the person concerned and I tired.

   Until one day, when my mother said that she was going to divorce, she took out a piece of paper with the divorce agreement written on it. My mother wrote all the terms and conditions, only my dad had to sign it.

   I was stunned. It seemed that my mother was really determined to get a divorce, and I cried again into tears. I hugged my mother to prevent her from giving the divorce agreement to my father, and then grabbed it and tore it away while they were not paying attention!

   When my dad saw that I had torn up my mother's divorce agreement, he burst out laughing. I hated my dad at that time, and felt that he had no intention of maintaining family stability, and he always gave me the responsibility of maintaining family stability.

   Since then, I no longer think that the divorce of other people's parents is a big deal, maybe the only possibility is that their family does not have a child who can stabilize the family relationship like me.

   I begged them more than once, can you clarify this question in one quarrel? Don't mention black and white, forget everything the next day after getting tired, and start over again next time. You two think it's okay, but the people around you sound very broken.

But slowly, as I became more and more able to observe things, I found that every time my dad and my mom quarreled, my dad caused trouble first, and then my mom broke out. Then my dad didn’t accept it at all, and then my mom continued to lose her temper. ...And then rely on time to cover up all problems...

   I also found out that every time my family goes shopping together, as long as my mom stays in a certain clothing store for a while, my dad walks far away impatiently and won't wait for my mom at all.

   I once asked my dad very seriously: "Do you love my mom? If you don't love me, why make her and you feel so uncomfortable? Why not get a divorce?"

  My dad said with a straight face: "Don't talk to me about these useless things."

   I asked my mother: "Why did you marry my dad in the first place?"

  My mother is particularly unpromising, because when she mentions the past, she returns to the shyness of a girl.

   At that time, my dad was the secretary of the Youth League Committee of a hospital, in charge of everyone’s style and discipline. My mother was spoiled by her grandfather since she was a child. After she went to work in the hospital, she would serve three or four dishes for every meal. My dad really couldn't stand it, so he talked to my mother very angrily, criticizing her Miss Capitalist style, too casual, too disrespectful to the work of the working people.

   My mother was very beautiful when she was young, and there were many people who pursued her, but somehow, because of my dad's criticism, she developed feelings for my dad...

   After listening to my mother's story, I suddenly realized that they were one willing to fight and the other from the beginning.

   I plucked up the courage and continued to ask: "Then did my dad love you? Why do I think he doesn't care about you at all?"

   My mother is like most women. When no one mentions love, she desperately wants the other party to prove it with actual actions. When someone questioned her lack of love, she was proud to cite a bunch of examples.

   So you don’t know what she is thinking.

   As I wrote, the relationship between my parents and my mom was worried from the beginning, then I was worried, and then others were worried, and today, no one is worried anymore.

   When anything becomes the norm, it loses the original hurt. Whether it is good or bad.

   Before I changed it, I must have said that I had only heard it, but had never seen it before.

   At the age of 27 during the Spring Festival, the city was closed by heavy snow in Chenzhou. There was no water or electricity at home, and the road was not snow but ice. Many people fell into fractures. I was particularly afraid that my parents would fall, and I called them every day to remind them. My mother sounded cheerful on the phone, not at all sad because of lack of water or electricity. I thought she would divorce my dad because of loneliness back then. Now she doesn't care about water or electricity, which surprised me.

   When I arrived home on New Year’s Eve and came out of my grandmother’s house after dinner, I saw my dad and my mom walking in front side by side. My dad took my mom’s hand. He took a step and she took a step. Every step my mother took, she leaned against my dad with a cry of fear. My dad giggled like a young man and laughed at my mother's timidity. My dad would also pretend to push my mother to make her stand unsteady, which is very naive.

  At that time, I finally understood why my mother was happy.

   When I got home at night, I pretended to inadvertently ask my dad: "You have been holding my mom's hand tonight. You usually go shopping and wait. What do you mean?"

  My dad was taken aback for a moment, and immediately said calmly: "Why do you have to wait for shopping? It's not good for people to see if they have hands and legs."

   I turned my head and said to my mother: "Look, he didn't wait for you, he just felt embarrassed, so stop complaining that he doesn't love you anymore."

   My mother didn't even look at me. While watching TV, she ate sunflower seeds and said, "I know."

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