Closing Background Applications On Your iPhone or iPad Will Not Make It Run Faster!

by Carl Smith Software Developer

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Whatever you might have heard, shutting down applications on the iOS devices will not make them work faster. It is worth noting that iOS supports applications in the background some of the times. And you can handle that with a special method. This hoax is in reality very dangerous. It will not just hang your gadget but it can even exhaust a lot of battery energy for the long term. So it’s better not to do anything with the recently used applications.

The Hoax

The hoax says that iPhone or iPad is putting frequently visited applications completely open and then run in the backdrop. To avoid slow working of your iPhone or iPad, you just need to close these apps as you do on your PC. Earlier, in the models of iOS, this was done by double hitting the home button and selecting the cross icon on recently visited applications.

  • On present models of iOS, this can be done by twice hitting the home button and sending recently used applications towards the top of the gadget where they are completely moved out from doing a lot of work.

The solution for properly not working applications

Sending an application on top for preventing to do a lot of work deletes it from the storage. This is in reality very helpful. For instance, if by chance an application is not working even for a bit then just hitting Home and then returning back to the application may not be useful. But going to the screen which is doing a lot of work, removing it by sending it on top and then again restarting the application will make it start from the beginning. This is the correct method of forcefully removing and then restarting an application on iOS and the best part is that it really does work out.

You  do not need to delete the applications from the storage

Always remember that it will not, in reality, make you do work faster. The applications that you are watching as your recently used applications aren’t, in reality, consuming power. They are just taking RAM or else the memory which is in use. Overall it is a good thing. It is very nice that gadget’s RAM is full.

  • iOS is capable of (and do not think it won’t) delete an application from storage if you have not used it recently and that you shall require additional space for some other stuff.
  • It is always better to make iOS do this on itself.
  • So there is no reason left anymore that why you would want to have fully make the memory vacant as then it would just slow down everything fully.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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