Clonazepam: A Efficient and safe tranquilizer for treatment of anxiety disorders

by Dr. Thomas S. Doctor

Clonazepam is commonly sold under the brand name Klonopin worldwide. It lies in benzodiazepine class (generally derivative of benzodiazepine) and commonly a tranquilizer used for the treatment of various disorders, which are generally related to mental health like anxiety, seizures, etc. 


Various studies have shown that clonazepam is the most useful and efficient drug used for the treatment of these disorders as it provides a soothing effect on the brain and body. 


The main active constituent in Clonazepam medication is DEA schedule IV controlled substance (these are the drugs that have a low potential for drug abuse or its dependency). This medication was approved by the FDA(Food and drug administration) in June 1975.


Anxiety disorders


These are the problems related to the mental health of any person, which can last for a long time. Various factors can lead to anxiety; these include:

  • Stress
  • Restlessness
  • Disturbance from any past trauma (post-traumatic disorder)
  • Lack of sleep etc.


Thus, giving rise to various fatal conditions like suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, depression, etc. 




It the state of brain in which there is instant uncontrolled electric disturbance which is generally caused by the hyperactivity of the brain (due to stress, tension, pain etc.), behavioural changes, feelings etc. 


What are tranquilizers?


These are the chemical compounds or medications which are used for treating panic disorders or mental disorders. They provide a calming effect on the brain, thus helps in overcoming these disorders. They are generally referred to as psychotic drugs. Yes, they do have sedative properties (i.e., producing sleep). There are various tranquilizers available in the market which are used for treating different psychotic or mental disorders. 


How actually clonazepam works in the body


Being an anti-anxiety or anti-panic disorder medication, the working of clonazepam acts by promoting the activity of GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid). It is a neurotransmitter (a chemical substance that helps in communication between two nerve cells), inhibiting or restricting brain activity. GABA receptors have three different sites for binding benzodiazepine; thus it binds to one of the sites and thereby activates the GABA. As anxiety occurs due to the overactive thoughts in the brain due to stress, overthinking, etc. Thus clonazepam provides a calming effect by stopping the thought process of the brain. 




Clonazepam is administered orally 2-3 times in a day. The minimum dosage, which is recommended to administer, is 0.25mg twice per day. The maximum dosage which is recommended is 20mg per day. It starts showing effect within 1 hour after being administered. It gets 92% (approximately) dissolved in blood plasma, and this process is known as the bioavailability of the drug. 


And there are certain precautionary measures one should take care of while dealing with a tranquilizer (i.e., clonazepam) that are as follows:

The person should not drink alcohol while taking this medication as dangerous effects might occur. 


Most important, while buy clonazepam online overnight delivery or buying at the pharmacy, one should follow the exact guidance or the dosage recommended. 


Overdosage is strictly prohibited. Moreover, one should not mix any medication with clonazepam until and unless there is proper medical guidance given the person.


If a person has any past history of kidney or liver disorders, then he or she should be most careful about taking this medication, and for further information, he or she should seek medical advice.


It the person overuse and misuse medication, this may lead to some severe conditions or fatal conditions. These are as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • drowsiness
  • memory issues
  • Dizziness, etc.


It these symptoms pertain for a long time, one should seek medical help.

Moreover, there are withdrawal symptoms when a person suddenly stops taking the medication, and that follows:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Confusion
  • Depression etc.




Today's world there are a wide range of mental conditions which people are dealing with. It is said that mental health is the most important factor for a good and healthy life. Nowadays, various mental health awareness programs have been launched just to deal with them. 


And as for now, the world is facing the worst pandemic attack (i.e. COVID-19) due to which there is a lockdown in various parts of the world. Due to lockdown, people are asked to stay inside there houses. Somehow it is also affecting their mental health as there is a lack of social or physical activities. Governments of various countries have taken certain major steps regarding this like providing online counseling or therapies, and as far as medications is concerned, they can just buy clonazepam 1mg tablet online instead of going out.


 As discussed above, clonazepam plays a crucial role in various types of psychotic diseases mentioned above. It is a highly potent and efficient drug used for the treatment of mental disorders in today's era. 


Clonazepam is indeed a short term medication that means a person should not become totally dependent on the medication. With medication, one should eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle (i.e. proper exercise, etc.) to fasten the speed of recovery, hence getting better and healthier.

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