Cleaning 101: Make Your Oxford Bathroom Shine Bright Like a Diamond

by Stephanie Cooper Blogger
We all hate cleaning the bathroom and to be fair it is understandable. Washing the tiles while squatting for half an hour doesn't sound very attractive, also - foot cramps. Alas, it must be done if you don't want to create a serious health issue in your house. Fear not, we have created the best and most simple guide on how to clean your bathroom in no time. Keep in mind that to receive maximum results you do need to wash it every week.

Start Your Cleaning Simple
You don't have to put on the rubber gloves and the protective mask right away. Leave the strong chemicals in the cupboard and start with something simple and relaxing. Wash your mirrors and the doors of your shower cubicle. Oxford’s expert cleaners advice to use kitchen paper to polish the glass surfaces. You can use any type of detergent you have. If you feel adventures, try mixing some DIY cleaners.

Next Step: Shower Cleaning
And we mean all of it - the entire cubicle, the shower heads and the drains. Put on some rubber gloves and remove the hairs from the drains. Then use water and a squeegee to clean the tiles. Put some detergent on a toothbrush and gently scrape all corners from the black spots. Spray vinegar on all chrome surfaces and use a paper towel to polish them. There it is like you have used a professional cleaning service without actually wasting any money.

Attention to Details
There are a couple of things every bathroom in Oxford and most of the modern world has - toothbrush holders, soap dispenser or dish, a waste bin, a toilet brush holder. All of these appliances need to be carefully washed to remove the nasty residue and bacteria. Do not skip this step; it may look insignificant, but it is very important.

Toilet Cleaning
The most dreaded task of them all. The good news is there is a simple way o dealing with it. Pour some toilet cleaner and leave it for about 15 minutes. Go and drink a cup of tea or watch a Youtube video. After that go back and flush the water while scraping the bowl with the toilet brush. That is it. No need for a cleaning expert to tell you the job is done. 

Toilet Brush Cleaning
Yes, you do need to wash it properly as it is the nastiest item in your bathroom. After you use it in the previous step, the brush should be properly disinfected by the toilet bowl detergent. To keep it that way place a small quantity of the same liquid solvent in the brush’s holder. This way it will stay sanitised and have a nice smell for the whole week.

Do the Laundry
We are not talking about your shirts and trousers. In order to keep your bathroom in a decent condition, you need to regularly change all the towels. Wash your face cloths every other week while the ones you use to dry out your body can be laundered once a month. 

Trow Out the Waste Bin
Your waste bin is a little piece of heaven for all germs, so you must regularly clean it. Once you have thrown away its contents, use the toilet bowl cleaner to properly sanitise the bin inside and out. Even if you use it only for feminine products, our experienced Oxford cleaners advice to empty it daily and wash it weekly.

Wipe the Cupboards
Depending on the material your cupboards are made of you can use a lot of different solvents. Cleaning companies often suggest to their customers to try DIY or natural products, so they won't damage the surface by accident. In this sense, you can apply baking soda or lemon juice to polish your cupboards and remove all water spots.

Cleaning the Floor
Last but not least you need to wipe it clean the floors of your bathroom. Use a multi-purpose detergent and a mop to cleanse all flooring. Remember mould loves wet places, so you need to dry everything. Use a microfibre flat mop to carefully gather all of the access water. Spend some additional time on removing the water from the corners of the room.

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