Classic Dog Accessories for Summer and Beyond

by Rayanne M. Writer

The summer season is a great time to get more fresh air. If you have a pet, your furry friend will likely want to take more walks and enjoy the warm weather as well. Fortunately, there are some dog accessories you can purchase for your four-legged family member to make summer playtime and feeding more enjoyable and efficient. You can use many of the accessories long after summer is over as well.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

If your dog likes long walks in the park and you want to make sure your furry friend is getting enough nourishment throughout the day, you can purchase this portable dog bowl. The bowl fits on your dog’s leash so it is easy to carry. When you are ready to take a short break at the park, just pour the food into the collapsible bowl. The bowl also holds up to 25 ounces of water so you can keep your dog hydrated if you are planning a day at the beach or hiking trail.

Cooling Pet Bed

Summer is also the ideal time to relax under the warming sun. That is why a pet bed with cooling gel to keep your dog from getting too hot makes a great summer accessory. Of course, you can also use the bed during the cooler months of the year if your dog has lots of fur and gets hot easily. You can also purchase cooling pads for your dog so your pet can relax on the carpet without getting too hot. If your dog prefers taking naps outdoors, there are pet beds with canopies to shield your furry friend from the sun.

Water Fountain

Connect this dog-friendly water fountain to your hose so your pet can get a drink of water while playing outside. The water fountain is at your pet’s level and is powered by a dog’s paw so your furry family member can stay hydrated.

Cooling Collars and Bandanas

A cooling collar can keep your dog from overheating so your pet can spend time outdoors safely. Some cooling collars also have an ice pack that keeps your pet’s fur cool and prevents health issues like heat exhaustion. Or, you can purchase a vest for your dog that covers most of your pet’s body. Put some water on the vest so it will evaporate while you are outside and keep your pet cool and comfortable. There are also dog bandanas that are great for messy dogs or just to accessorize your dog in something fun. These come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Freezable Toys

A freezable treat holder can make outdoor play more enjoyable for your pet. You can place yogurt or peanut butter inside of the toy, and put the toy in the freezer. When you are ready to spend time outdoors with your pet, take the treat holder so your canine can enjoy a taste snack in between taking walks, chasing bright objects, and playing with other dogs. Freezable chew toys are also a good idea for summer, especially if you have a puppy who is teething. These toys provide a cooling sensation for the teeth and gums and help to strengthen the teeth.

Crate or Kennel Fans

A fan that easily fits onto your pet’s kennel or crane is another smart buy if you want to keep your dog healthy this summer. The fan offers a satisfying cool breeze while your pet relaxes outside and isn’t very loud, which is ideal for pets who are naturally nervous or timid.

Pet Pools and Floats

If you have a kiddie pool, you may have noticed that your dog likes to play in the pool. However, it is easy for your dog to rip through the plastic of the kiddie pool. You can purchase a pet pool instead since it is made from PVC. And, like a kiddie pool, the pet pool is inflatable for easy storage when it is not in use. If you have a larger pool, you can purchase a float for your dog. The float allows your pet to spend time in the water without having to doggie paddle.

It is important to spend quality time with your fur friend, especially during the nice summer days. Finding the right accessories for your dog will make both you and your dog’s time more enjoyable. Take advantage of this time to create fun memories for you and your dog together.

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