Choosing the Right Windows and Doors Installer

by Anna Bern Manager

Choosing the Right Windows and Doors Installer

After getting through the challenge of choosing the right window for your home, another big challenge comes in choosing the right windows and doors installer. You might have gotten the best energy-efficient window, but it will not serve its purpose if it is wrongly installed. 

The market is flooded with many installers who claim to be specialists, making it hard to get the right one. When hiring a windows and doors installer, ensure you look for one with a combination of skills, experience, and knowledge. According to Total Home Windows and Doors, other things to consider are:

  1. Experience

How experienced an installation company is determined by its years of existence. You cannot compare a company with 10 years of experience with one that has been in operation for two or three months. Also, old companies are more trustworthy to do a good job. This company has passed the test of time for ten years, and it could have fallen long ago due to poor reputation or bankruptcy. To add to its experience, you can also ask the company for a sample of their services. An installation company with quality services will keep testimonials of some of their work. 

  1. Pay Attention To The Crew And Not The Installation Company

A company is made up of a crew. Although it might have 50 years of experience, what about the people coming to install your windows and doors? How experienced are they? When interviewing an installation company, do not pay more attention to the big-name but the individual installers. If the installers are beginners, they are more likely to do shady work. If your windows are wrongly installed, they will not serve their purpose well. 

  1. Don’t Go For The Cheapest Deals

Most companies that offer very low-priced services are probably new and do not have any experience. They do so to get gigs because they are either starters or have a bad reputation. They will not do a good job. Also, do not choose a company that offered the highest price. Giving high quotations does not mean that the company is highly qualified. Ask for discounts and always agree on the price before the company begins the work. 

  1. Ask To Meet Them In Person

You can only know a person’s personality if you interact with them. Some companies pretend to be professional over the phone but do not know how to practice professionalism. A good installation company should be professional in how they talk and act. This will also help you judge how good their services can be.

  1. Avoid Advertising

When looking for installers, you might get some companies advertising their services to you. Some come with deals that seem too good to be true. Do not be carried away by significant discounts and low prices of the advertising companies. Get many companies and compare their deals, and when you have a meeting with each, let them know that there are other companies you are comparing them with. This will enable them to pull up their socks and give their best prices. 

  1. Look At Their Ratings

Check the websites of each installation company. Look at their ratings and people’s reviews. A company that does not do well will always have people talk ill about them. Ask your friends and relatives about their experiences with a particular installation company. If you find out that the company does not have ratings, it has not been in existence for a long time. Leave it. The more good reviews a company has, the more good their services are. If they also have a poor rating, it is a red flag, and they are more likely to do shady work. 

  1. Ask For Their Work Permits

A qualified installation company should have the proper documents like a license to show that they are eligible for the operation. Make sure the company has insurance too. What if one of the crew members gets injured when installing your windows and doors Toronto? The blame should not be on you. They should also be able to pay you in case of any damages done during the installation process. 

  1. Ensure They Have Installed Your Type Of Windows Before

Although a company might have 10 years of experience, it is also essential to know if they have installed the windows and doors that you have before. Some specialize in a specific type of windows, and it will be the same as letting a new company do the work for you if you offer the job to a company that has not installed your type of windows before.  

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