Choosing the Right Cookware For Healthy Cooking

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As it becomes increasingly understood that a way to healthy diet is never to overlook the method of cooking, a number of companies have released range of earthen utensils for cooking to make the best of the opportunity. However, not all things that shine are gold. It is an important task to choose the right clay utensils for cooking from the right source to get the intended benefits.

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Earthen kitchen utensils are glazed by some manufacturers to provide it with better luster, longevity and ease of maintenance. However, glazing takes away the key property of an earthenware that is its porosity. The porous nature of these utensils plays an instrumental role in circulating moisture and providing a slow uniformed cooking.


Also, the components of glaze can interfere with the nutrition value of the food. Hence, the best way to avail the benefits out of these eco friendly clay products are to use the best unglazed clay pots for cooking that are made from pure clay.

It has been pointed out that many manufacturers use lead-based glazing to clay utensils. Lead has been associated with serious health hazards and while purchasing a semi-glazed earthen ware for storage purposes one must enquire on the components used for glazing.

A terracotta cooking pots with lid is another consideration while choosing the right cookware. This is because the right lid can provide for the right closed atmosphere that promotes slow and even cooking.


It is a recommended idea in case of all food-related purchases to check for test results and approvals. Similarly, while purchasing clay cookware online or offline, one must pay attention to the quality tests for clay used in the process of manufacturing. A Clay that has passed purity testing is naturally inert and safe for preparing, cooking, and storing food. This ensures that food will not react with pure clay and there will be no toxic products that can leach into your food.


When it comes to international standards, it is a common warning to steer away from clay cookware made in Mexico or Latin America. Similarly, highly decorative Asian pottery is discouraged for food contact purposes because of the high levels of lead and inedible paint materials. Hence, while buying an earthenware, the purpose of use will decide the suitability of the product. An earthenware for decorative purposes can be from any source but the ones meant for purely cooking and storage basis must be from a certified and a reliable source.

Check for safety labels such as “safe for food use”, “microwave safe”, “stove friendly etc. while choosing the earthenware. The components of the product must be made clear by the manufacturer on the product itself.

It is advisable that the clay used in producing items for cooking, serving, and storing food should be free of harmful impurities. Clay purity should be reliable third-party and relevant quality checks are performed during pre-production and post-production to ensure complete safety.


Mrida Earthen Cookware is a reliable source as the products are made up of pure Indian clays rich in minerals.

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