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There are million questions in the mind of people when they try to make their online or digital footprint and the best way to do so is the web application. But in this era of information overload and heightened uncertainty, we tend to get lost in the thoughts more than ever and get confused. If the same scenario is taking place due to finding out the proper material or in this case, we will use the jargon ‘ technology stack’ , then this article is focused and intended to solve the perennial issue and give a sound and happy break from the worries.

What is Technology Stack?

Before we use the word explicitly, we need to understand the meaning and importance of it. The whole thing of web application building can be segregated into multiple areas for the sake of understanding. Without diving too deep into points of interest, there are two sides to web development: the client side and the server side. The client side is likewise called the front end. Server-side programming includes an application, a database, and the server itself.

Client-Side Programming

Client-side (i.e. frontend) web development includes everything clients see on their screens. Here are the major frontend innovation stack parts:

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). HTML advises a program how to show the substance of pages, while CSS styles that substance. Bootstrap is a useful structure for overseeing HTML and CSS.

JavaScript (JS). JS makes website pages intuitive. There are numerous JavaScript libraries, (jQuery, React.js, and Zepto.js) and structures, ( Angular, Vue, Backbone, and Ember) for quicker and less demanding web advancement.

Server-Side Programming

The server side isn't unmistakable to clients, yet it controls the customer side, similarly as a power station produces power for your home. The test lies chiefly in the decision of server-side advancements for building up your web application.

Concerning server-side programming dialects, they are utilized to make the rationale of sites and applications. Systems for programming dialects offer bunches of apparatuses for less complex and speedier coding. We should specify a portion of the well known programming dialects and their significant systems (in enclosures):

  • (Ruby on Rails)

  • Python (Django, Flask, Pylons)

  • PHP (Laravel)

  • Java (Spring)

  • Scala (Play)

Your web application needs a place to store its information, and that is the thing that a database is utilized for. There are two sorts of databases: social and non-social, each having its upsides and downsides. Here are the most well-known databases for web advancement:

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

A web application needs a reserving framework to decrease the heap on the database and to deal with a lot of activity. Memcached and Redis are the most far reaching storing frameworks. At long last, a web application needs a server to deal with demands from customers' PCs. There are two noteworthy players in this space:

  • Apache

  • Nginx

To keep a web application running, we need a perfect blend of all the above mentioned features. That’s why it becomes often quite confusing for the people to understand the nitty gritty of the areas of technology to understand it better.

Ways to choose the best technology stack:

  • Prioritizing the personal requirement: Remember your concern space. The innovation you pick ought to rely upon the issue you need to settle. A few things are preferable done in one dialect over another — for illustration, Python is awesome for calculation and mathematical deductions.

  • Understanding the Technology: Understanding the technology is another foremost factor to understand and analyze to choose the best possible technology for the web app. Certain cases are fit for specific areas and not for others. The difference need to be understood.

  • Users First: Products ought to be worked for their clients. What Products would you like to assemble? How might you make the best client encounter? Consider will's identity utilizing your framework. Will they take a shot at work areas or tablets? Will they get to things by means of a portable association? Ought to there be a work area style application? What programs will be utilized regularly? The users and their comfort should be the cynosure for the developers.

  • Security: The main concern in most cases is the security. Contingent upon the sort of information you work with, security could even be the most imperative factor. Decide why you have to secure something before choosing how to secure it. However, recall, innovation isn't everything — keep at the top of the priority list that security depends fundamentally on the range of abilities of your designers, the workplace and the strategies you actualize.

  • Performance and Agility: Not only the look and feel of the application, but the speed and underlying performance of the app are also necessary. Understanding the areas of technology that can boost the performance and enhance the speed of the application should be given preference over others.

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