Choose The Right Crimping Tools To Make A Good Impression Of Your Work

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A crimping tool is a device which helps to join two strands of metal or some wire-like material. The pieces are joined by deforming the material so that they can cling on to each other. The process is known as crimping.

How to use a crimping tool?

Usually preferred by electricians, a crimping tool is mostly used to create a proper harness for flexible metal objects including wires. The metal pieces are joined together using a crimp connector. First, the wires are stripped with a wire stripper to reveal the naked wires. After that, the connector is taken and the wires are inserted into the connector in a way that they don’t jut out too much. After doing this, the wire setting should be put into the crimping tool. Apply pressure on the joint by pressing down the handle of the crimping tool. Check the connector to ensure that the connection is secure and does not come off.

Types of crimping tools

  • 1.     Point to cup crimping tools: This type of crimping tools has a similar look to that of pliers. Cheaper than the other versions, this tool has a jaw in the form of a semi-circle with a matching row of teeth on each jaw. They are used to flatten metal pieces. However, they are incapable of making secure connections.
  • 2.     Cup to cup crimping tools: Having a resemblance to common pliers too, they have a similar form factor, but have up to four different cut-outs to match an array of sleeves. They are mainly used for oval section, round section and double barrel.

How to choose the right crimping tools?

Crimping tools vary in terms of their size and build material. Crimping tools are made of aluminium, brass and copper alloys. The brass ones are the most expensive among the three. Choosing crimping tools online in India according to their size is of utmost importance. If you work with them frequently, then it is advisable to go for large sized crimping tools. Here are some other factors which can give you a clear idea on the right kind of crimping tools.

1.     Volume: How much work you do with your crimping tool will determine the choice of the tool. If your volume of operations is high, then you should go for one having an ergonomic design and a rugged form factor. It is recommended that you research a bit about crimping tools before you head out to buy crimping tools online.

2.     Wire Gauge and crimp profile: It is wise to choose the crimping tools on the basis of the cables used with them as majority of the tools are designed according to the diameter of cables. If you have bought a crimping tool for use on optic cables, it may not be suitable for other cable types.

3.     Warranty: Buying a crimping tool of a renowned brand is recommended as they are manufactured with high-quality materials. You should check whether the item tallies with the quality certifications. 

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