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by Allen M. IInvisible Braces
Retainers are used to retain teeth at their corrected position after orthodontic treatment. In addition to this, it also acts as a dental appliance to help in achieving minor tooth movements.

Clear Hawley Retainer is the most popular and effective option available to patients who want to retain positions of their corrected teeth. There is no need of visiting an orthodontist in person to get custom retainers. You can order custom-fitted clear Hawley retainer online from the comfort of your own home.

The Hawley appliance is generally only thought of in the context of retention after braces. The truth is, that the Hawley appliance solves many small problems quickly, can increase cosmetic procedure acceptance, and is inexpensive.

Oftentimes, one or two teeth are so far out of alignment that cosmetic work cannot adequately fix the problem. Other times, the patient is in a rush for a big event, such as a new job, graduation, or wedding, to correct anterior cosmetics. Once the teeth are moved into better position in weeks to months, the patient will have far improved results with end cosmetic procedures.

For beginners, treatment with a Hawley retainer is relatively simple. Patient compliance and acceptance are high due to the short time and low cost, and treatment can be started in less than a week from initial workup. Many adults only want to fix a few front teeth that are out of alignment. Hawley retainer is best for incisor movement only. They prefer it because it is removable, in case of important social events, and if there is not a high dollar amount, patients are more likely to make the bigger investment to complete the cosmetic work after tooth movement.

The Hawley appliance consists of only a few components. A labial bow, canine loops, posterior retention (usually Adams clasps), labial bands, springs, screws, and advancement plates. Hawley retainers can be customized in a variety of fun designs and colorful hues, making them an exciting part of your orthodontic treatment.

Clear Hawley Retainers are beneficial for a number of reasons. To begin, they are adjustable to ensure your teeth have the support they need. In addition, if the retainer gets damaged, it can easily be repaired rather than replaced. And finally, as with all removable retainers, many patients appreciate the fact that they can remove the appliance when they need to eat and brush and floss their teeth, ensuring optimal oral hygiene. To keep your retainer in perfect shape, refrain from eating or drinking while wearing it.

The Hawley Retainer only needs to be worn 1 hour per day to prevent any permanent teeth movement. Your teeth may move slightly for the other 23 hours of the day but when you place the retainer back in your mouth each day the teeth will move back into the position where your teeth were when your retainer was made.

To insert or remove your customized clear Hawley retainer, use both hands and push on or pull off evenly with your thumb and index finger. Order your custom-fitted Clear Hawley Retainer online to improve your bite.

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