Cholera Vaccine Market: Make A Profit & Provide Help to The Needy

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Pandemics and endemics have remained an integral part of the evolution of human civilization. It has been found that almost seven cholera pandemics have occurred in the past 200 years. Moreover, the seventh cholera pandemic is officially ongoing pandemic and it has been occurring since 1961. The horrendous Yemen cholera outbreak happened during the year 2016-2021, which took many lives. In this article we will read about cholera and the vaccines available in the market. The cholera vaccine market is rising unprecedentedly on the back of rising awareness regarding cases of the cholera. 

What is cholera and its epidemiology?

The cholera is a serious disease that causes stomach pains and vomiting. The disease may cause death and it most common in the hot tropical countries. This disease can be epidemic or endemic and it is estimated that in year 2020, 323 369 cases and 857 deaths were counted from 24 countries. To prevent and control cholera and to eradicate deaths, a combination of strategies has been use by the people such as, combination of surveillance, water, hygiene, and sanitation, treatment, and oral cholera vaccines are extensively used. Furthermore, the oral cholera vaccines are giving protection to the people. Here is the description of oral cholera vaccine.

For More Insights-

Oral cholera vaccines-

Currently there are WHO pre-qualified oral cholera vaccines shanchol, dukoral, and euvichol are three vaccines for cholera prevention.


The dukoral is given with a buffer solution, which means it requires 150 ml of clean water. It can be given to all the individuals over the age of 2 years. Doctors suggest that a minimum of 7 days and no more of six weeks of delay between each of the dose. For the children who are 2-5 years old require a third dose. It has been seen that two doses of dukoral provide complete protection against cholera.


The shanchol and euvichol plus consist the same vaccine formula produced by 2 different manufacturers. They do not require a buffer solution for administration. These vaccines also require buffer solution for the administration and given to all individuals over the age of 1 year. Scientists suggest that there must be a minimum of 2 weeks of delay between each dose of vaccines. The complete two doses of the vaccine Schanchol and Euvichol plus provide a complete protection against cholera for at least 3 years, while one dose provide protection for short term.

The Oral Cholera Vaccines be used in the areas having endemic cholera or high risk of the cholera. Also, the vaccination must not interrupt the provision of other high priority health interventions to prevent and control cholera outbreaks. Approximately 100 million doses of oral cholera vaccines have been used in mass vaccination campaigns. These vaccination campaigns have been implemented in the areas of high vulnerability during humanitarian crises. These vaccination campaign are also organized in the highly endemic areas, which are called “hotspots”.

Moreover, the global road map on controlling the cholera focuses on 3 stages axes which are written below: -

1-     An early detection and prompt action to contain the cholera outbreak through an early and rapid detection.

2-    A well targeted multi-dimensional approach to eradicate cholera recurrence. The transmission of cholera can be stopped in these vulnerable areas through measures of mass vaccination campaign.

3-    Advocacy, technical support, partnership, and resource mobilization at the global and local levels.

Market Synopsis: -

The cholera vaccine market was holding approximately USD 65 million, and it is projected to reach USD 207 million by the year 2025, growing at a CAGR of 16%. Few examples of the key companies are Shantha Biotechnics, EuBiologics Co., Ltd., Hilleman Laboratories, Sanofi, and others.

In a nutshell,

The growing health awareness in people is the prominent reason for the growth of the cholera vaccine market. If you are also willing to invest in the cholera vaccine market, it is prudent to understand the nitty gritty of the market. The team of Research Nester has prepared an exhaustive report which incorporates prominent factors such as, growth drivers, market constraints, regional synopsis, and latest news related to the market. A deeper insight will help the reader in taking a sound decision

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